In the United States, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) contributes to nearly 26.9% of 30-day hospital readmission rates and is the most common cause of hospital readmissions. Healthcare providers are constantly looking for ways to lower readmission rates due to CHF, with the most promising solution being the implementation of remote patient monitoring (RPM).

HRS' proven RPM solutions can address the issue of high CHF readmission rates through symptom surveys, patient education, and vital sign monitoring, while also allowing providers to offer virtual care for routine visits or triage when exacerbations happen.

How MaineGeneral Managed to Achieve a 0% Readmission Rate

MaineGeneral Health is a comprehensive non-profit system dedicated to improving the health of patients, families, and communities in Augusta, Maine.

In May and June of 2022, MaineGeneral achieved a 0% CMS-CHF readmission rate compared to the 20% and 26.7% percent that prior year. Here's how they managed to do it:

The Challenges Faced by MaineGeneral

MaineGeneral had been facing high and rising readmission rates for patients with CHF. Recently discharged CHF patients frequently require additional support and education to understand their symptoms, potential warning signs, and the importance of medication adherence to avoid readmission.

In addition, the rise of COVID-19 during the same period meant an additional need to monitor patients who could not receive in-house monitoring and care.

Partnering With HRS

MaineGeneral partnered with Health Recovery Solutions on January 2020 to launch a remote patient monitoring pilot for minor CHF patients after their hospital discharge.

Through the RPM program, patients had their blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturation, symptoms, and medication adherence monitored at home. A dedicated registered nurse was assigned to each patient, actively reaching out to patients as needed.

The Results

The implementation of RPM at MaineGeneral has been immensely effective. Overall, patient outcomes have improved due to more detailed and frequent patient information, better patient education, and more accessible virtual care visits.

As stated by MaineGeneral Health's telehealth coordinator, Laura Mraizk:

"In May and June 2022, MaineGeneral has achieved a CMS-CHF readmission rate of 0%, compared with 20% and 26.7% in the same months the prior year. Additionally, the overall CHF readmission rate has hit 0% in four of the last nine months."

Furthermore, according to MaineGeneral's most recent RPM satisfaction rates, 90% of RPM patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the program's impact and their ability to become active participants in their health.

Learning from MaineGeneral

The successful implementation of RPM for monitoring patients with CHF at MaineGeneral is an example of the significant benefits of having an effective RPM program that benefits both patients and providers.

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