Remote Patient Monitoring & Care Management Solutions 

Partner with the only single-source provider in remote care with a proven track record of success

Achieve better clinical outcomes and ROI by leveraging HRS' best-in-class clinical expertise, logistics, analysis, and the industry's leading, most advanced remote care technology.

Reduction in 30-Day Readmissions

Reduction in ED Visits


Flexible, Scalable Remote Patient Monitoring

PatientConnect® Suite of Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions 

Transform the way patient care is delivered with the most advanced and customizable remote patient monitoring kits 

Empower patients to take control of their health with PatientConnect® – the industry-leading remote patient monitoring solution that can be tailored to meet individual needs. 

  • Streamline clinician workflow with real-time patient-provider communication tools
  • Reduce readmission and emergency department (ED) utilization by improving patient engagement and self-symptom management 
  • Improve patient outcomes with a complete hospital-at-home approach - including the option for continuous remote monitoring for higher acuity patients
  • Engage caregivers to support increased patient satisfaction and adherence through the CaregiverConnect® mobile application 
HRS EMR Integrations Chart

Hassle-Free EHR Integration

Optimize clinician workflows, enroll patients, and enrich electronic health records through real-time data exchange with your EHR

Reduce redundancy and duplicate documentation with integration between the HRS ClinicianConnect® portal and your EHR. Automatically enroll new patients in the RPM program directly from your EHR.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with every EHR platform 
  • In-house EHR integration team gets you up and running fast - no third parties or additional costs
  • Real-time data exchange ensures the continuous and immediate transfer of data between systems

Revenue Cycle Management & Reimbursement

Navigate the ever-evolving world of telehealth reimbursement with expert guidance from our in-house reimbursement specialists

Our team will help you claim reimbursement from CMS, commercial payors, partners, and private pay sources. 

  • 1:1 reimbursement consultation to help you increase the ROI of your RPM program
  • Ongoing education and guidance on the latest reimbursement and grant funding sources
  • Monthly reimbursement reporting through HRS Analytics 
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Clinical Monitoring, Advisory, and Support

Female doctor on the phone while using a computer in her office

24/7 Clinical Monitoring and Triage Center

Empower your clinical team and patients with round-the-clock clinical monitoring support

The HRS CareConnect team will proactively respond to risk alerts and provide patients with tools and support to stay engaged and healthy at home. 

  • 24/7 real-time alert monitoring and triage

  • Customize clinical workflows with escalations based on Schmitt-Thompson protocols

  • Supplement your clinical staff to reduce nursing burden and alleviate information overload

NEW  Virtual Wound Care Support

Deliver optimal care for patients with complex wounds and ostomy needs with dedicated WOC nurse support

The HRS WoundConnect service connects your clinical staff directly with highly skilled Wound and Ostomy Certified (WOC) nurses to ensure prompt and reliable clinician-to-clinician consultations.

  • Improve wound care accuracy and documentation to improve healing and claim the appropriate reimbursement

  • Decrease the frequency of in person nursing visits and clinic appointments for wound treatment

  • Increase the capacity of your current staff while reducing the costs associated with recruiting and retaining specialized WOC nurses
A nurse bandages a wound on a patient
Wound Care

WoundConnect: A New Standard of Care for Wound Management

This 30-minute webinar explores the state of wound care in the US, the role of remote patient monitoring, and the importance of WOC nurses in improving outcomes. In this session, you'll learn all about HRS' new WoundConnect solution which will transform your approach to wound management.

Watch the Webinar

ClinicianConnect® Centralized Patient Management Portal 

Simplify clinical workflows with a centralized patient management portal that integrates seamlessly with your EHR platform

Designed by and for clinicians, ClinicianConnect® ensures a better quality of care that meets every patient’s preferences, role, and clinical workflow.

  • Boost clinician-patient interaction through virtual visits, text messaging, and calls launched directly from ClinicianConnect®
  • Customize patient care plans with a library of over 90+ clinical presets
  • Monitor, triage, and care for patients in real-time

Clinician Training & Advisory Services

Equip your clinicians with expertly crafted operational workflows, clinical playbooks, and training resources from our in-house team of seasoned clinicians

Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable nurses provide clinical guidance and support to ensure that every program operates with clinical best practices in mind.

  • Expert insights and guidance to help you design, launch, and scale your RPM program
  • Ongoing RPM program optimization guided by expert clinicians, industry best practices, and industry benchmarking data  

  • HRS product roadmap and innovation driven by clinicians to meet the needs of clinicians and patients 

Logistics & Inventory Management


Simple, Convenient Logistics & Inventory Management with HRS Logistics

Offload the time-consuming and complicated process of logistics and inventory management and focus on caring for your patients 

From pre-enrollment through post-discharge, HRS will handle the time-intensive process of sanitizing, provisioning, and calibrating equipment—and ensuring it’s packaged and shipped from one patient to the next. With HRS Logistics, you can count on:
  • Complete logistics and inventory management service owned by HRS
  • Hassle-free, highly effective way to get patients up-and-running on your RPM program quickly
  • Access to HRS Engagement Specialists for patient equipment installation and education & outbound shipment tracking

Analytics & Reporting

Transformative Insights with HRS Analytics

Make data-driven decisions using actionable data and insights on your RPM program's performance

Program performance reports that unlock the growth potential and value of virtual care for each healthcare provider, payor, and payvider. HRS data and analytics help healthcare organizations:

  • Clearly demonstrate program ROI
  • Identify program inefficiencies
  • Uncover opportunities to scale
HRS Analytics

Clinical Condition Presets, Assessments & Surveys

Easily scale your program to support different patient populations with 60+ condition-specific presets, patient self-assessment tools, and survey questions crafted by our in-house Clinical Services team. 

Experience Matters

With deep industry expertise, hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of patients, Health Recovery Solutions is the experienced healthcare technology provider you need to grow your remote care program.

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Over a decade of proven results from leading health systems, hospitals, home health agencies, and physician groups


Innovative, reliable, and easy to use technology

Mobile with Gear

Hassle-free EHR Integrations and a customizable suite of Bluetooth peripherals

Happy Healthy Heart

Reduce readmissions, improve patient satisfaction, and optimize clinical workflow by delivering proactive quality care

Tablet Medical

Remotely connect with patients, monitor vitals, perform video visits, and make care plan decisions

Feedback Rating

Industry-leading 98.3% client retention rate


Named Best in KLAS for Remote Patient Monitoring for four consecutive years in 2020-2023


Fully supported partnership model including clinical advisory, logistics, support, reimbursement, and marketing

"HRS' mobile application is a huge asset to help us reach more patients and offer support to them during this stressful time. Telehealth allows us to reach more people in the community by phone and video chats. It is a great way to keep our community connected, and help patients and families."

Lisa Hogan
Chronic Care Management Team Leader at Frederick Health

"We have found, even with the most complex cases, telemedicine adds such value and support to those we serve. Our goal, as well as our patient's, is to make sure they can stay home and have the tools to help themselves stay out of the hospital."

Dan Casey
Director of Telehealth and Clinical Support Services, Norwell VNA

"Our partnership with HRS and incorporating video visits into our daily routine has allowed us to provide care outside of the patients home as well as improve outcomes in term of hospitalization and cost savings. Having the tools to connect with a patient daily and monitor their vital signs closely has allowed many of our patients to remain at home with an improved quality of life."

Jessica Magalhaes
Southcoast Visiting Nurse Association

The Future of Healthcare, Delivered Today

Watch this 5-minute video clip of Florence Kariuki, Chief Clinical & DEI Officer at Health Recovery Solutions detailing our solution at the 2023 American Telemedicine Association Conference to learn more about our approach to remote care.