EHR Integration

Simplify the process of integrating new healthcare technology into your tech stack. The HRS Integrations Team supports all technical aspects, QA testing, and troubleshooting to integrate the HRS ClinicianConnect® portal with your EHR. 

  • Hassle-free, out-of-the-box integration with every EHR platform 
  • Expert in-house EHR integration team - no third parties or extra costs
  • Proven technology with nearly 200 clients actively using EHR integration to streamline clinical workflows
HRS EMR Integrations Chart

Streamline Clinical Workflows with EHR Integration

Ease the administrative burden on your clinicians. Streamline patient enrollment, vitals monitoring, risk alerts, and clinical documentation through out-of-the-box integration between your EHR and the HRS ClinicianConnect® platform.

Patient Enrollment
Medical Laptop
Vitals Monitoring & Risk Alerts
Check List
Clinical Notes and Documentation

Real-Time, Secure Bidirectional Integration

HRS uses the Rhapsody Integration Engine, which connects healthcare data of every type, to ensure EHR integration to any application through HL7, FHIR, API. With this industry-leading technology, we're able to securely integrate and exchange data with every EHR, including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, Healthwyse, HomeCare HomeBase, MatrixCare, Meditech, NetSmart, and Strategic Healthcare Programs.


Epic ↔ HRS

Enhancing clinical workflows for nearly 50 healthcare organizations

This seamless integration is facilitated by a secure interface with Epic through HL7. Patient demographics and vital signs effortlessly transfer between a Hyperspace Episode and the HRS ClinicianConnect platform. Customizable parameters are established for patient vitals, ensuring that your clinical team is promptly notified through InBasket if any readings fall outside the preset range.

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Streamlining processes for 40 home care and hospice clients every day

This seamless integration harnesses the power of HL7 messages to securely transfer data between the cutting-edge HomeCare HomeBase EMR and the innovative HRS ClinicianConnect platform. Witness the magic as vital sign results seamlessly become part of the comprehensive Vital Sign Report. HCHB users can further personalize their experience by choosing to have all vital sign results generate a coordination note or generate notes only in exceptional cases.


MatrixCare ↔ HRS

Supporting integrated care for 30 healthcare providers

This integration harnesses the power of a pre-built HRS / MatrixCare interface, allowing for the seamless flow of patient demographics and vitals between the platforms through an automated FHIR interface. To further streamline the process, all pertinent information is automatically recorded in the Flow Sheets and Communication Note sections of MatrixCare, ensuring a comprehensive and organized patient record.

Don't see your EHR listed? HRS supports integration with every EHR. Contact us to learn more. 

How the HRS to EHR Integration Works

Easily enroll new patients into the RPM program, track vitals, review risk alerts, document clinical notes, and record time spent for reimbursement. 

  1. Patient Enrollment through EHR

    When the healthcare provider identifies a patient to be enrolled in the RPM program, the provider places an order through the EHR referring the patient to remote patient monitoring.

  2. EHR Integration Initiated

    The healthcare provider signs the order initiating the connection between the EHR and HRS systems. The EHR sends patient demographic information (name, date of birth, medical record number) to the HRS ClinicianConnect portal, creating the patient profile. 

  3. Patient Monitoring Begins

    When the patient receives their RPM kit and begins recording vitals, the data is stored in the HRS ClinicianConnect portal. All newly transmitted vitals, any clinical notes, and the time spent for this encounter are sent to the patient's EHR chart. 

  4. Patient Information is Easily Accessible

    The documentation is easily accessible to any care team reviewing the patient's medical record without requiring additional logins to the HRS ClinicianConnect portal or duplicate documentation from HRS to your EHR. 


With deep industry expertise, hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of patients, Health Recovery Solutions is the experienced healthcare technology provider you need to grow your remote care program.


"Completing EMR integration allows the clinician's process of enrolling a patient into the program to be completed with ease. Having the documentation reflected in the patient's Epic chart provides the clinician with the ability to make decisions on the patient's care." 

Dr. Jaleema Speaks
Novant Health WomanCare Winston-Salem

"EMR integration is crucial to an effective RPM program on multiple levels. Patient care is more efficient by allowing RPM data to be viewed within the EMR for seamless record review, documentation, and orders." 

Dr. David Voellinger
Novant Health Bariatric Solutions

Integration in Practice: Novant Health

In this 2.5 minute video clip, Madison Cooley, Strategy Manager at Novant Health shares how the health system is minimizing clinical workload by using their Epic EMR integration to enroll new patients into the RPM program, share patient data and updates with clinicians, reduce documentation, and track time spent for billing and reimbursement.