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With HRS, you don't need to be an expert in telehealth reimbursement. We've got you covered. Our reimbursement specialists stay up-to-date on all the latest advancements to help you maximize the ROI of your telehealth & RPM program. See our expertise in action in this preview clip from our free, 30-minute webinar on the 2023 Telehealth Reimbursement Advancements led by HRS VP of Revenue Cycle Management, Charika Wilcox-Lee.

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Proven, Effective Workflows to Claim Reimbursement

Today, more than 60 HRS clients receive reimbursement for their telehealth & RPM programs. Reimbursement is critical to the sustainability and growth of your program and HRS has the experience, tools, and processes to help you claim reimbursement from a variety of different sources. 



Eden Health

Eden Health's private pay program extends services to patients who are no longer eligible for home health, but who would still benefit from daily monitoring and chronic disease management. Cost to the patient was a key consideration when developing the program and Eden Health worked with HRS to calculate costs and set a fair price. Many Eden Health patients opt to enroll in the program but the most new patients come from partners (cardiologists, pulmonologists, and cardio-pulmonologists) who recommend the service.



Ohio Living

Ohio Living pursued Medicare reimbursement through their palliative care program. After initially partnering with an external billing company to submit these claims, billing is now done through the patients' electronic health record. The biggest challenge with billing initially was the time it takes to review reports. Proper billing requires precise records for the amount of time spent reviewing patient health data. Through partnership with HRS, a Client Success Manager is able to pull this information on behalf of Ohio Living and send them detailed reports.

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MaineHealth Care at Home

MaineHealth Care at Home works with the state of Maine and commercial payers to receive a flat monthly reimbursement rate for their telehealth & RPM program. In order to receive reimbursement through the state's Medicaid program, MaineHealth must meet certain requirements in their telehealth program, such as a once-a-month, in-home visit with nursing staff. MaineHealth also has a contractual arrangement for three of their physician groups and receives a flat monthly fee for providing equipment and visiting patients in the home once per month.


With deep industry expertise, hundreds of clients and hundreds of thousands of patients, Health Recovery Solutions is the experienced healthcare technology provider you need to grow your remote care program.


“Proper billing for telehealth and RPM reimbursement requires precise records for the amount of time spent reviewing patient health data. Through our partnership with HRS, our Client Success Manager is able to pull this information on our behalf and send us detailed reports.”

Yvette Valentine
Director of Operations, Ohio Living

"Cost to the patient was at the forefront of our minds as we worked to build the private pay program. We worked with HRS to analyze and calculate staffing costs for monitoring and installation, patients’ insurance coverage and equipment cost, including hardware, software, and shipping.

Travis Tomulty
Eden Health Regional Telehealth Manager

"We develop care management programs and then pitch them to the health plans. We go through the process of pricing. HRS has a pricing tool that's available. We're looking at utilization rate, storage, staffing costs, margin, etc. Once we have the pricing built up, we try to bundle that into the cost of the program."

Devin Woodley
VP of Managed Care Contracting, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

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