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Build a successful RPM program from the ground up with HRS. Our clinical experts have years of hands-on experience and are here to help you build a clinical operation that is of the highest quality, patient centered, and efficient. With HRS you can:

  • Augment your clinical staff with 24/7 clinical monitoring and triage through CareConnect™
  • Transform your approach to wound care management with WoundConnect™
  • Simplify clinical workflows with ClinicianConnect®, a patient management portal that integrates with your EHR 
  • Equip your clinicians with expertly crafted operational workflows, clinical playbooks, and training

Putting Patients First, Always

At HRS, we know that when the patient succeeds, we all succeed. That's why we design all of our solutions with the patient in mind. The patient is our focus, our passion, and our priority.

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Innovative Solutions Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians

Elevate the level of care provided to your patients and streamline clinical processes with cutting-edge tools and resources designed by our experienced clinicians specifically for their fellow healthcare professionals.

Medical Laptop
Intuitive, user-friendly tools for clinicians to optimize workflows
Patient-centric product design based on real-world experiences
Deep clinical expertise to support clinician and patient engagement 

Hear from Florence Kariuki, Chief Clinical & DEI Officer at Health Recovery Solutions, in this 5-minute clip detailing our comprehensive approach to remote care.

Improving Outcomes through Patient Engagement

HRS was founded with the goal of preventing hospital readmissions by providing the tools and resources necessary to help patients take charge of their own health. Over the course of a decade, working with hundreds of thousands of patients, we've developed flexible solutions to meet the needs of every patient.


Patient Engagement Tools

  • Educational videos, interactive quizzes, and symptom surveys to increase engagement
  • Automated medication and vital sign reminders to increase adherence 
  • Designed at a 2nd-grade reading level and available in multiple languages to support health literacy
  • Engaging caregivers through the CaregiverConnect® mobile app

Medical Record

90+ Clinical Presets

  • Easily launch and scale your program with 90+ out-of-the-box clinical presets
  • 60+ condition-specific presets for conditions like COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Hypertension and comorbidities 
  • 30+ patient self-assessment tools and survey questions crafted by our in-house Clinical Services team

Call Support

Remote Onboarding & 24/7 Technical Support

  • Set your patients up for success and reduce administrative burdens with remote patient onboarding from the experts at HRS
  • Rest easy with 24/7 technical support to address any technical issues or challenges 

"I have been fearful of going back to the hospital due to my chronic condition. I am so grateful that a nurse is always watching over me."

Marie, 93

Read Marie's story

"I have a better outlook on life and am more satisfied with ‘what I can do’ rather than ‘what I can’t do’. Being a chronic patient I am very grateful for this service."

George, 73

Read George's story

"When my doctors recommended a longer stay at a skilled nursing facility, I was nervous. Being able to go home early, knowing I had that additional support made things so much easier."

Rose, 83

Read Rose's story

Clinical Playbooks & Remote Care Models

Our in-house team of clinicians strategically designs resources to help healthcare providers optimize clinical workflows, ease administrative burdens, and maximize staffing resources. 


Virtual Visit Model

The Virtual Visit Model is designed to reduce the workload on your clinicians while increasing patient communication, education, and self-symptom management. With the latest telehealth & RPM technology, you can replace some in-person visits with virtual visits. 

ED Diversion & Triage Model

Discover the power of telehealth and RPM in optimizing your staffing resources. The ED Diversion & Triage Model provides a strategic roadmap on how to effectively implement telehealth and RPM services to redirect patients away from the ED.

Inpatient Virtual Care

Transform your approach to inpatient care. By reducing the workload for hospital RNs, increasing patient assessments, expanding access to specialists, and harnessing the power of telehealth, virtual inpatient care enhances patient care while helping healthcare providers save on costs.  

Clinical Best Practices Education & Training

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in telehealth and RPM with free educational webinars featuring our Clinical Services team, strategic partners, and clients from different healthcare settings.