Hospital at Home Model: A Year of Growth

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Hospital at Home Model: A Year of Growth

To address hospital capacity, limited resources, and staffing constraints, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) supported hospitals and health systems in creating Hospital at Home care programs.

One year later, we check-in with the team at Allina Health to explore how their program has matured and expanded. During this session, the Allina team share best practices for clinician buy-in, partnership development, and data collection—critical components to launching a hospital at home program and assessing program success.

rachel-kuhnly-v2v-22-1-01 (1)

Rachel Kuhnly

Manager of Population Health Operations

Allina Health


Dr. Rachel Rivard-Horejsi


Allina Health

julia-crist-v2v-22-1-01 (1)

Julia Crist

VP of Home and Community Services

Allina Health

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For our keynote presentation, HRS was thrilled to welcome Kali Durgampudi, Chief Technology Officer at Zelis. Kali shared both his professional experience in health technology and his personal experiences moving to the US in his early 20s to shed light on the progression of technology over the last few decades and share exciting innovations that will change the way we travel the world, interact with one another, and deliver care to patients and families.

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Hospice & Palliative Care Services: The Case for RPM and Telehealth

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During this session, presenters share best practices for using telehealth and RPM in hospice and palliative care settings.

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Critical Components to Ensure RPM Utilization

Why is utilization important? What impacts utilization and what does it tell me about my RPM program? How does my team improve our utilization?

During this panel discussion, the Health Recovery Solutions Clinical Services team sat down with HRS partners and clients to discuss the key components that impact utilization.

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Preparing for the Transition: Home Health Value Based Purchasing

In just a few short months, CMS' Home Health Value Based Purchasing program will take effect. Charles Breznicky, SimiTree,  introduces the biggest changes taking effect in January 2023, the metrics agencies will be evaluated on, and how digital health platforms can support home health agencies in this new age of value based care.

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A Post-COVID World: Pivoting RPM and Telehealth Programs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations received funding for and made substantial investments in RPM. As we begin to move beyond the pandemic, how can organizations pivot their existing telehealth and RPM programs to address the most pressing challenges in healthcare—financial risk, staffing limitations, and capacity constraints.

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Creating Efficiencies through EMR Integrations

During this session, hear how Health Recovery Solutions partners are levering their EMR integration to share patient data and updates with clinicians, support billing for RPM services, reduce documentation, and provide real-time medication updates to patients and their caregivers.

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