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Partnering with providers across the care continuum to deliver remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions

Learn how HRS supports the following care settings:

Hospital + Health Systems

Deliver telehealth to patients across the care continuum regardless of acuity

HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers hospitals and health systems to deliver care to patients across their entire network.

  • Improving patient satisfaction
  • Reducing readmission
  • Optimizing nursing workflow
How HRS Supports Hospitals + Health Systems
Much of [our] success is due to the personal relationships we build with our patients as well as the great technology with the telemonitors. We call each patient at least weekly and involve them in setting goals for themselves. It is wonderful to see the growth and independence develop as we come alongside them.

Lisa Hogan
Chronic Care Management Team Leader at Frederick Health

Doctor using telehealth to communicate with patients

Home Health Agencies

Empower patients to age-in-place and provide peace of mind to patients and their caregivers

HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers home health providers to care for their high-risk patients at home with the most advanced remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions, resulting in avoided hospital readmissions and improved patient outcomes.

  • Monitor patients and intervene accordingly as risk arises
  • Provide condition-specific education to patients directly and monitor education engagement
  • Perform virtual visits between home visits to ensure patients are following their care plan
How HRS Supports Home Health Agencies
What we are doing is true population health. By addressing health literacy and engaging our patients in self-care, we have gone far beyond the realm of telehealth.

Donna Deblois
CEO MaineHealth at Home

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Hospice + Palliative Care

Provide end-of-life care to patients in the comfort of their own home through telehealth and remote patient monitoring

HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers hospice and palliative providers to offer an extra layer of care to their patients.

  • Utilize virtual visits to manage symptoms and assist in providing recommendations for the patients' care plan
  • Monitor patients' pain through symptom surveys
  • Support the patients' caregiver in ensuring the patient is comfortable
How HRS Supports Hospice + Palliative Care
Advanced technology helps us care for complex patients in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by friends and family. Telehealth is a great tool to help us stay in touch, react quickly to changes, and offer comfort to our patients and families.

Bernadette Ward
Vice President Clinical Operations at NVNA and Hospice

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Physician + Group Practices

Expand the care setting of your offices, reaching your patients directly in their homes

HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers physician and group practices to drive higher practice performance by providing telehealth virtual visits and remote monitoring in real time.

  • Expand capacity of physician staff and clinical resources
  • Monitor patients between visits
  • Engage patients in their own disease management with condition specific education
How HRS Supports Physician + Group Practices

Payer + Payviders

Reduce costs, decrease utilization, and improve outcomes with HRS' scalable and flexible in-home member monitoring platform

Thousands of providers are deploying HRS solutions to improve population health initiatives, increase member satisfaction, and reduce healthcare costs.

HRS solutions span the entire care continuum, enabling payers and payviders to achieve comprehensive and coordinated care across all member populations.

  • Reduce readmissions and ED utilization
  • Increase patient adherence
  • Boost member satisfaction
  • Lower overall cost of care
  • Improve population health
How HRS Supports Payer + Payviders
Physician Group Outcomes 3

HRS Partners Achieve Results

Maine Health

75% reduction in 30-day readmission, treating over 470 high-risk patients


71% decrease in hospital readmissions among CHF patients

Penn Medicine

30-day readmission rate decreased by 53% among heart failure patients


61% decrease in all-cause readmission for cardiac patients

Catholic Health

4.6% average readmission rate over 30 months for CHF patients

Frederick Health

89% decrease in readmissions, 49% decrease in ER visits

Ohio Living

Average readmission rate of 7.5% nearly half of state's Medicare average

Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

All-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution

PatientConnect Complete, the most customizable remote patient monitoring solution in the market, promotes patient independence and self-symptom management by engaging patients in their care.

  • Improve clinician workflow through real-time patient-provider communication tools
  • Reduce readmission and emergency department (ED) utilization by improving patient engagement and self-symptom management 
  • Provide a complete hospital-to-home approach to managing high acuity patients

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Customized patient-centric solution

Designed for palliative care, hospice, behavioral health patients, and more, PatientConnect Core is a tablet only solution that enables symptom management and clinical monitoring by facilitating real-time communications between the care team, caregiver, and patient.

  • Promote patient independence and caregiver peace of mind 
  • Improve the quality of life and facilitate comfort through real-time symptom monitoring
  • Equip patients with educational content and teach-back quizzes

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Personalized approach to remote patient monitoring

PatientConnect Mobile expands access to care across all patient populations with HRS’ bring your own device (BYOD) offering.

  • Facilitate advanced biometric monitoring with Bluetooth integrated peripherals 
  • Enable medication reconciliation through preset reminders
  • Engage patients across a wide range of disease condition cohorts

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Innovation in remote patient monitoring

PatientConnect Voice is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)that utilizes the patient’s device to increase patient engagement and adherence post-hospital discharge.

  • Engage patients in self-symptom management with automated triage, wound imaging, and more 
  • Improve medication adherence and compliance through automated medication reminders
  • Provide real-time insight into patient’s condition through symptom surveys

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Patient Stories

“It is very comforting to know that there are people keeping a close eye on my mom’s health... Having her home during the pandemic has played a vital role in reducing my family’s level of stress. Knowing that she is home [and] getting the care she needs is very comforting for all of us.”

“I have been fearful of going back to the hospital due to my chronic condition. I am so grateful that a nurse is always watching over me.”

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