HRS Advisory Board

The Client Advisory Board operates in support of the HRS Mission and facilitates collaboration, networking, and learning between its members. The purpose of the Client Advisory Board is to engage members in critical discussions related to current and future programs, use cases, product offerings, and innovations.

Health Recovery Solutions Announces New Client Advisory Board

Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), the KLAS leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM), announced the launch of a Client Advisory Board (CAB), comprised of the healthcare industry's most innovative and experienced leaders. The new CAB will provide strategic guidance as HRS brings new products and services to the market, focused on improving patient outcomes and expanding access to care.


Advisory Board Members

Margaret Donnelly
Anna Ferguson
Jeff Gill
Felecia Hudson
Dr. Zsolt Kulcsar
Curt McCallister
Julia Murray
Dr. Lance Owens
Rodney Plunkett
Howard Rubin
Douglas Steele
Carrie Woodward

"It's an honor to be a member of Health Recovery Solutions' Client Advisory Board and to have the opportunity to engage with innovators in the digital health space. Across our industry, there is a need to continuously adapt to meet challenges such as workforce shortages and new payment models. This advisory board opens the door for new opportunities to collaborate with other healthcare leaders to examine these challenges and provide solutions that result in better patient outcomes."

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