Physician + Group Practices

  • Engage At-Risk Members
  • Collaborate and Educate
  • Lower Cost of Care
  • Boost Member Satisfaction

Physician + Group Practices

  • Augment In-Person Visits
  • Increase Access to Care
  • Offer More Patient Touch Points
  • Receive RPM Reimbursement

Post-Visit Engagement

HRS physician group partners are keeping their patients engaged after clinic visits by providing opportunities for post-visit instructions, provider communication and video check-ins, medication reminders, symptom surveys, and monitoring of vitals and biometrics.

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Health Literacy Tools

An engaged patient is a healthier patient—the HRS platform provides tools and modules to educate patients on their unique conditions and care plans, ensuring they are empowered to manage their own condition resulting in increased health literacy, and ultimately, improved health outcomes.

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Convenient Experience

For both patients and clinicians, HRS offers a seamless experience that’s convenient for the patient and efficient for the provider—eliminate wait time, avoid double documentation, communicate through one portal, and incorporate specialist providers.

How Remote Patient Monitoring Helps Physician Groups

Watch this quick 90-second video to see how an RPM program can help you increase interaction with your patients through virtual visits, voice calling, and text messaging.

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Building Patient Loyalty & Maximizing Value-Based Care

400+ U.S. Health System Clients| 400K+ Patients Served | 90+ Conditions Supported 

HRS physician and group practice partners use the PatientConnect telehealth suite to maintain continuous connection between their clinical team and patients, deliver preventative care across all patient cohorts, and improve patient loyalty and outcomes.

Telehealth Solutions For Every Patient


PatientConnect® Complete

Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

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Communicate with patients and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

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Expand access to care across all patient populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

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Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post-hospital discharge.

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Engaging Patients From Practice To Home


  • Patient receives care within your practice
  • Patient is enrolled in the HRS telehealth and RPM program and from home, engages in virtual visits, vital sign monitoring, and condition-specific education 
  • Your clinical team monitors patients and intervenes in real-time to avoid adverse events from occurring
  • Using the updated CPT codes, your team is reimbursed for the telehealth care they've provided patients

Achieving High ROI Outcomes

Physician Group Outcomes

Preventing Adverse Outcomes

Physician Group Outcomes

Driving Reimbursement

Physician Group Outcomes

Reducing Cost of Care

Maine Health

75% reduction in 30-day readmission, treating over 470 high-risk patients


71% decrease in hospital readmissions among CHF patients

Penn Medicine

30-day readmission rate decreased by 53% among heart failure patients


61% decrease in all-cause readmission for cardiac patients

Catholic Health

4.6% average readmission rate over 30 months for CHF patients

Frederick Health

89% decrease in readmissions, 49% decrease in ER visits

Ohio Living

Average readmission rate of 7.5% nearly half of state's Medicare average

Prioritizing Reimbursement 


HRS physician group partners are embracing remote patient monitoring as a tool to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Not only can the quality of patient care be improved but by properly using CMS-approved CPT codes, clinicians can boost their ROI.

HRS boasts a team of reimbursement specialists dedicated to helping our partners receive reimbursement for RPM services. Through CMS, physician group and ACO partnerships, and private pay programs, HRS is helping our partners create a new revenue stream and enhance patient care with telehealth and RPM.

Calculate Your Estimated Reimbursement


Calculate Your Estimated Reimbursement 


“Proper billing for telehealth and RPM reimbursement requires precise records for the amount of time spent reviewing patient health data. Through our partnership with HRS, our Client Success Manager is able to pull this information on our behalf and send us detailed reports.”

- Yvette Valentine, Director of Operations, Ohio Living


Total Estimated Revenue



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