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Advancing Health Equity within Hypertensive & Postpartum Patient Populations Using RPM

This webinar, featuring Evara Health, discusses the latest best practices for improving health equity within chronic care (Hypertension, Diabetes) and maternal health (Prenatal/Postpartum) patient populations, focusing on social determinants of health and strategies for advancing equity using RPM & telehealth.


Howard Rubin

Howard Rubin

Chief Information Officer

Evara Health

Marie Menendez_Evara Health

Marie Menendez

Telehealth Specialist

Evara Health

Headshot for Webinars_Florence_v2

Florence Kariuki

Chief Clinical & DEI Officer

Health Recovery Solutions

About this session

Addressing health disparities for hypertensive and postpartum patient populations is crucial for advancing health equity, improving health outcomes, and reducing the high costs of treating complications.

This webinar is for healthcare providers working to improve the health of these patient populations. Participants will hear from Evara Health, a Florida-based FQHC, as they share their experiences supporting vulnerable and underserved patient populations with RPM & telehealth. 

Howard Rubin, Chief Information Officer, and Marie Menendez, Telehealth Specialist, at Evara Health join Florence Kariuki, Chief Clinical & DEI Officer for HRS for an engaging conversation that covers: 

  • The Importance of Health Equity in Addressing Health Disparities (3:40 to 6:50) 
  • Overview of CMS Framework and New Joint Commission Standards for Health Equity (6:50 to 12:10)
  • How RPM Addresses SDoH Barriers to Enable Advances in Health Equity (12:10 to 18:00) 
  • Evara's Approach to Improving Health Equity through RPM (18:00 to 25:10)
  • RPM Program Overview: Team Structure, Patient Enrollment Criteria, Patient Feedback (25:10 to 37:00)
  • Expanding Telehealth to Support Maternal Health (37:00 to 40:10)  
  • Supporting Hypertensive and Diabetic Patients with RPM (40:10 to 42:50) 
  • Lessons Learned and Recommendations for Healthcare Organizations Launching RPM (42:50 to 49:15) 
  • Q&A Session with Howard, Marie, and Florence (49:15 to 55:48)

Short on time? Watch the 2.5-minute webinar recap below or use the time stamps in the agenda to jump ahead. 

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Charika Wilcox-Lee Headshot

Charika Wilcox-Lee

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management

Health Recovery Solutions

2023 Reimbursement Review

During the webinar, Health Recovery Solutions' Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management will walk through recent changes to CMS' reimbursement rates—across remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, and remote therapeutic monitoring. 

In addition, the webinar will review how HRS can support reimbursement partnerships and programs, including: 

  • CMS Reimbursement 
  • Physician Group Partnerships  
  • Commercial Payer Partnerships
  • Private Pay Programs
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