Patient Success Story

eviCore Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Program

My husband and I have always helped care for eachother, so when my doctors recommended a longer stay at a skilled nursing facility, I was nervous for myself and my husband. Being able to go home early, knowing I had that additional support [of telehealth] made things so much easier for us both.

- Rose

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Patient Age:
83 Years Old

Type of Care:
Home Health

Reason for Care:
Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia

Meet Rose

Rose, an 83-year-old woman, was recently admitted to the hospital following a fall, requiring surgery on her broken leg and hip.

Prior to the fall, Rose had been receiving treatment for several conditions including hypertension, asthma, diverticulitis, and an irregular heartbeat. Despite these diagnoses, Rose remained staunchly independent, living with and helping to care for her husband. But after her fall, Rose feared she would no longer be able to maintain her independence.

Following surgery, Rose was given the option to begin her recovery in a skilled nursing facility or to return home and receive support through home health services and the enhanced Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring program.

Rose Returns Home

Enrolling in the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring program allowed Rose to return home with her husband without giving up the 24/7 support she would receive in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

Through the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring program, Rose received medication reminders throughout the day that helped ensure she would take the proper medication. She also received alerts to record her vital signs, including her blood pressure, given her history of hypertension. Rose particularly enjoyed the educational videos and condition specific quizzes that she could watch and complete each day to help her learn about her condition

While Rose was recovering at home and regaining her strength, the eviCore Transitions of Care Team was able to remotely monitor her health status, vital signs, symptoms, and more. Rose enjoys the user-friendly telehealth platform and the freedom she keeps through the telehealth program.

Learning from Telehealth

As an eviCore member, Rose was given the opportunity to continue receiving 24/7 care through the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring program for several months following her surgery.

With the enhanced support and guidance provided by Rose’s physician and her home health agency, Rose recovered from surgery in the comfort of home.

Rose continues to live with her husband and enjoy the life they led prior to her fall.

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