Patient Success Story

Telehealth Connects Francis with his Family

Hospice Patient uses Telehealth Virtual Visit to Connect with daughter

Type of Care:
Hospice (Inpatient Care)

Reason for Care:
Pain and acute symptom management

Meet Francis

Francis was recently enrolled in an inpatient hospice program to provide him with 24/7 pain management. Shortly after Francis moved to an inpatient care facility, the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the country, including his local community.

To prevent the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable patients receiving hospice care, the facility was forced to temporarily halt patient and family visits.

Prior to COVID-19, Francis’ daughter Pam would visit him throughout the week and take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant on weekends.

Isolation During COVID-19

Though the COVID pandemic has presented additional stress to everyone, the elderly population and those receiving care away from family are particularly isolated. This isolation and additional stress can severely impact patients’ mental, physical and emotional health.

Connecting Through Telehealth

Francis’ hospice provider partnered with a telehealth and remote patient monitoring company to help him connect with his daughter through video conferencing. Now, using the tablet provided by his hospice care team, Francis can video conference with his daughter every day, helping to keep his spirits high. For Francis’ daughter Pam, she can see her father is staying safe, happy, and healthy and can connect with his hospice care team with the push of a button

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