Patient Success Story

Vera Remains in the Comfort of Home with Telehealth Support

With Help from Her Daughter, Vera uses Telehealth from HRS

Patient Age:
89 Years Old

Type of Care:
Home Health

Reason for Care:
Dementia Care

Meet Vera

Vera is an 89 year old patient living on the Western Slope of Colorado. Despite mild dementia and hypertension, Vera has maintained her independence as she’s aged, continuing to live on her own, in her home.

Following a hospitalization, Vera’s physician referred her to SummitWest Care where she was evaluated and enrolled in the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Program to help her communicate with her clinicians and track her blood pressure each day.

Customizing Vera’s Care Plan

Vera has lived with hypertension for years and is well educated on her condition, symptoms, and care plan, but could benefit from an additional layer of communication that allows her to ask questions of her clinician or receive checkin calls when needed.

In consultation with her physician, SummitWest Care outlined parameters for Vera and for her vital signs. Vera is expected to take her vitals twice each day, once after her morning medication and once in the evening. The SummitWest team monitors her recordings and calls Vera if they don’t see a reading come through or if Vera’s blood pressure readings are irregular.

Oftentimes, Vera needs a simple reminder to take her medication to stabilize her blood pressure. However, during her check-ins calls, SummitWest’s team can triage potential symptoms and determine if additional care is necessary or if changes should be made to her care plan. All evaluations are reported to Vera’s physician.

Within a few days of enrolling in the program, Vera’s blood pressure had stabilized and she was regularly engaging with the telehealth platform, recording her blood pressure five or six times per day. Vera enjoys the user-friendly telehealth platform and the freedom she keeps through the telehealth program.

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