Patient Success Story

Kevin Avoids COVID-19 Hospitalization with Help from Telehealth

[They] walked me through some real, real scary times... you can't put a price tag on that.

- Kevin


Type of Care:
Health System

Reason for Care:

Meet Kevin

As COVID-19 cases began to spread across the country, many patients with pre-existing conditions were fearful of what would happen if they were to contract the virus. Kevin was one of those patients. 

With a heart condition, COPD, and asthma, Kevin knew he was high risk for experiencing adverse outcomes if diagnosed with COVID-19. As a precaution, Kevin sought the advice of his physician and potentially a leave of absence from work during the pandemic. During the conversation with his physician, and review of his current symptoms, Kevin’s physician recommended taking a COVID-19 test.  

The test came back positive.

COVID Care at Home

Kevin expected to be admitted to the hospital that day, but was instead referred to the Avera COVID Transition Team. Within hours, Kevin was back at home and an At-home Monitoring Kit was delivered to his house, containing a tablet and Bluetooth monitoring devices, including a weight scale, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and pulse oximeter. Shortly after receiving the kit, Kevin received a call from the Avera COVID Transition Team and trained on his kit and devices in 20 minutes. 

Everyday, twice a day, Kevin would submit his vital signs and answer questions about his symptoms using the monitoring kit. If Kevin didn’t submit his vital signs, he would receive a call from the Avera Team to ensure he was feeling well. 

The Avera COVID Transition Team monitored Kevin’s health 24/7 throughout his recovery, providing encouragement and support until Kevin’s symptoms were mitigated and he was no longer at risk of hospitalization.

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