Patient Success Story

Sue Recovers from COVID-19 at Home with Family

It is very comforting to know that there are people keeping a close eye on my mom’s health... Having her home during the pandemic has played a vital role in reducing my family’s level of stress. Knowing that she is home [and] getting the care she needs is very comforting for all of us.

- Tara S. Sue’s Daughter and Family Caregiver


Type of Care:
Home Health

Reason for Care:
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Meet Sue

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sue was admitted to the hospital with a urinary tract infection (UTI) and was later diagnosed with COVID-19. After her hospital stay, and upon discharge from a rehab facility, Sue was admitted to NVNA and Hospice and enrolled in their telehealth and RPM program following a virtual preadmission Wellness Call.

During the virtual preadmission Wellness Call, NVNA and Hospice evaluated Sue, assessed her family’s risk of exposure, and determined her caregiver’s ability and comfort level in supporting Sue while recovering.

Patient Success Story Sue

Recovering from COVID-19 at Home

Leveraging HRS’ PatientConnect Mobile, NVNA and Hospice was able to immediately enroll Sue in the telehealth program to begin monitoring her conditions, and was able to provide her with virtual access the same night she was admitted to home health.

Over the last few years, Sue has been admitted to the hospital numerous times due to UTIs and other illnesses which were unrecognized by her family caregivers. Now, with telehealth and RPM, NVNA and Hospice provides an additional layer of support to Sue and her caregivers by helping Sue monitor her medication compliance, symptoms, and vital signs each day with technology. 

Both Sue and her husband have used the telehealth platform to expand their knowledge and understanding of Sue’s conditions and to improve their engagement in her care. Through telehealth, Sue and her husband have learned how to avoid symptom flare-ups and have established new routines to ensure Sue’s ongoing health and wellbeing.


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