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HRS Telehealth Insights

Heart failure is one of the most common conditions in the US—over 6 million US adults suffer from the condition. For heart...

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Tags: Patient Engagement, chronic disease, CHF,

Anne Carle, RN, Telehealth Clinical Coordinator at Cornerstone VNA, shared with HRS a wonderful patient success story. In her...

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Tags: CHF, patient satisfaction, Condition Specific,

Telehealth presents numerous benefits to patients living with heart failure. As technology develops, an increasing number of...

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Tags: disease management, chronic disease, CHF,

As the aging population grows, the number of people living with chronic diseases will continue to rise. Because medical...

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High Utilizers of Healthcare

High utilizers of healthcare are a small percentage of individuals who account for most of...

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Tags: Best Practices, Patient Engagement, chronic disease,

Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice, a leading agency serving 48 Ohio counties, is using innovative technology to keep patients...

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Tags: chronic disease, CHF, COPD,

Katherine Berger, MS is a Transition Care Manager/Admissions Liaison at Cornerstone VNA. Berger was trained as a counseling...

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