Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) and Eko Announce Partnership to Integrate Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope into HRS Telehealth Solution

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Health Recovery Solutions, a leading provider of telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, today announced a partnership with Eko, a cardiopulmonary digital health company. The HRS telehealth platform now integrates with the Eko DUO, an ECG + digital stethoscope that captures heart and lung sounds and ECG, providing the fastest and most comprehensive view of patients' cardiopulmonary function.

In the United States, 6 in 10 adults have a chronic disease, and 4 in 10 have two or more1.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death—1 in 4 Americans deaths, more than 600,000 people each year, are from heart disease2

For patients with conditions affecting their heart or lungs, close monitoring is essential for avoidance of hospitalization or readmission following a hospital discharge. The Eko DUO facilitates remote screening of heart sounds, lung sounds, or both, from the patient’s home. Helping to uncover symptom exacerbations, the Eko DUO helps providers capture potentially life-threatening conditions early. 

The partnership between HRS and Eko brings together two leaders in the digital health space who are focused on providing the most advanced, user-friendly, effective telehealth solutions to both providers and patients. 

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“At Eko, we are focused on providing clinicians with advanced tools that enable them to manage their patients more effectively, leading to longer, healthier lives. Clinicians using Eko DUO and the HRS platform will have access to high-quality auscultation sound and ECG data simultaneously, enabling earlier detection and on-going disease management. This type of integration allows more patients to gain access to specialty care, from anywhere, leading to better outcomes."

Bryan Humbarger, Eko Senior Vice President, Commercial

Patient using the eko duo and doc
The integration between the Eko Duo and the HRS platform enables patients with complex cardiac and pulmonary conditions to ensure symptom changes or exacerbations are caught in real-time by their clinician. Patients’ using the HRS telehealth solution will have the ability to monitor their cardiopulmonary function in the home setting, while the clinician monitors their readings in real-time from the office, clinic, or while on the go through the HRS clinical dashboard, ClinicianConnect.

Today, HRS partners are using the Eko DUO to increase access to care by incorporating the specialist into the telehealth program. 

“For years we've recognized the need to introduce efficiencies into the care delivery model. Enablement through digital tools such as the Eko DUO allow us to do just that. By strengthening coordination of care between primary care and specialists, the DUO helps expand the walls of the hospital and extend care into the home of the patient.

With an elevated focus on accessibility, physicians are equipped with tools such as the DUO for decision support to diagnose, treat, and plan—with the goal of bettering patient experience and outcomes. HRS is thrilled to partner with Eko to accelerate our mission of delivering the New Standard of Care and sees the Eko DUO as invaluable to our partners as they shape their clinical strategies."

Doug Lang, HRS Vice President of Client Growth

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