16 Care Settings to Deploy Remote Patient Monitoring

Explore 16 care settings every health system should leverage RPM in to improve patient care

What is Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring?


Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) engages patients in their care to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. Though telehealth and RPM has been traditionally used to assist patients recovering from an acute care episode, the past year has led to a substantial expansion in the use of telehealth and RPM across numerous disease groups and provider organizations. 

From accountable care organizations (ACOs) to home health agencies to physician groups, healthcare providers are recognizing the value of telehealth and RPM to deliver quality care services, reduce care costs, and enhance clinical efficiency.


Support Patients Across the Care Continuum

Let’s think outside the box and explore 16 care settings every health system
should have a remote patient monitoring program in.

16 Care Settings and Use Cases for RPM and Telehealth

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) supports patients throughout the patient journey by providing tools to improve engagement and outcomes. Explore the 16 care areas that can benefit most from HRS RPM and Telehealth.

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Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient


RPM has traditionally been rooted in post-acute care, but has since expanded into myriad areas of the health system, helping patients at every step throughout their healthcare journey.


Improve patients’ health literacy through condition-specific educational materials, and reduce visit frequency

Acute Care

Prevent adverse outcomes while allowing patients to recovery in the comfort of home through enhanced biometric and symptom monitoring

Chronic Care

Reduce care costs and improve patients’ long term health by educating patients on their conditions, symptoms, and treatments

End of Life Care

Support patients and their families through the most difficult period of their life, offering educational resources, as well as counseling and spiritual services.

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Our patients have been so committed to establishing a healthier lifestyle through nutritional changes and exercise. They have fought through COVID isolation and have gained so much by being able to meet as a group via telehealth. This would not have been successful without the ability of our patients to collect weights at home and have them download digitally into their chart. The remote monitoring allows us to communicate and encourage our patients as well as collect accurate data.

Telehealth data increases communication with patients. It also increases the communication with the home care team, engages the physician, and produces a result.

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