As we turn the corner into a new year, it's time to reflect on the strides we made in 2023. For our team at Health Recovery Solutions, this reflection holds a special significance since our work last year led to countless stories of connection, care, and lives transformed.

Through the power of remote patient monitoring, we supported 86,575 patients with an average age of 72 years old and a youngest patient of just 51 days old. Through technology, we bridged the gap, offering 24/7 support and personalized care.

These numbers only tell part of the story. More than 36,000 of our patients battled multiple chronic conditions like CHF, Hypertension, and COPD. These are complex battles, and we became partners in their fight, celebrating every milestone and providing support every step of the way.

The impact? An average patient satisfaction rating of 87%, a testament to the human connection built through technology. Remote monitoring empowered not just patients, but also healthcare providers. With improved visibility into patient health, clinicians could proactively address needs and build deeper relationships.

As we dive into 2024, we're committed to expanding our reach, integrating cutting-edge technology, and collaborating with healthcare providers to ensure healthcare becomes more accessible, personalized, and transformative for everyone.

Want to see the full story unfold? Watch our 2023 Year in Review video and witness the power of connection and care through remote patient monitoring. Together, let's make 2024 a year where connected care becomes a reality for all.