Is your organization considering Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) as your new telehealth and RPM partner? This blog post will provide you with insight into the five most common questions asked during or about our telehealth implementation process. 

  1. Will someone from HRS be assigned to lead the telehealth implementation?

Yes! Each organization that partners with HRS are assigned an Implementation Lead who is the main point of contact that will assist in developing and implementing your new program. They will also serve in a project management role to help develop the project scope, timelines, goals, and a go-live plan.

2. How long is the typical implementation at HRS?

On average, HRS Implementations take less than 40 days from contract signing to enrollment of the first patient. Some have occurred as quickly as 1 week! The assigned Implementation Lead will help your organization determine an implementation timeline that will work best for you and your team. 

3. What should I expect to occur during implementation?

The Implementation Process at HRS is broken down into 4 main phases: 

  1. General Kick-Off
  2. Technical + Marketing
  3. Program Customization
  4. Preparing for Go-Live

Within each phase, there are key milestones to complete in order to move forward with the implementation process. When developing the scope for your implementation, your implementation lead will work with you to set up all discussions and identify key stakeholders that need to be involved.

Your Implementation Lead will guide these discussions with our HRS Subject Matter Experts for calls where we will formally kick-off implementation, develop a marketing strategy plan, conceptualize your operational workflows, and identify goals and success metrics for your program. 

telehealth implementation planning

4. What resources are available to me at HRS during and after implementation? 

We want to make sure that every HRS client is set up to succeed from the very beginning of their journey with HRS. HRS has outlined 7 Pillars of Long-Term Client Success:

  1. Implementation Lead
  2. Client Success Manager
  3. Telehealth & Market Experts
  4. Reimbursement Experts
  5. Clinical Experts
  6. Technical Specialists
  7. Logistics Specialists

As outlined above each ‘pillar’ plays an important role in the implementation and long-term success of your program. When appropriate, your Implementation Lead will introduce you to the team of HRS experts and specialists who are ready to help build and sustain your new program.

5. We have completed Implementation and have started to enroll patients, what now?

Congratulations! Enrolling your first patient is just the beginning of launching your program. While the Implementation Lead will work with you to determine when they will officially roll off the account, your Client Success Manager who has been working with you since day 1 will continue to be a resource for you throughout the entire relationship with HRS.

An important component of implementation is determining success metrics, your Client Success Manager will be available to help sustain and meet those goals.

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