In this blog, learn more about the HRS Technical Support team. I'll cover what we do, how we contribute to the HRS mission of putting patients first, and what makes us the most unique technical support team in healthcare technology.

tech·ni·cal sup·port

/ˈteknəkəl səˈpôrt/


  1. a service provided by a hardware or software company which provides registered users with help and advice about their products.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, HRS’s 24/7 Technical Support team has doubled in size to meet the demand of our growing client base. The Tech Support team is composed of diverse, passionate individuals dedicated to making user experiences with our system as smooth and seamless as possible.

What makes HRS’s Tech Support different from any other tech support team one may have encountered in the past? And what do we offer HRS clients? We are the primary team responsible for addressing any question a user may have about HRS’ products and services. We assist with technical, software or hardware issues they may experience.

On any given day, we may help new clinicians navigate the ClinicianConnect web portal, ensure that PatientConnect Complete tablets are transmitting vitals properly to our system, or even reach out to patients to assist them with making video calls through their tablet.

Our team highly values the work our clients do for their patients. We are committed to swiftly resolving any requests or new obstacles our users may face. Our number one goal is ensuring clients using the HRS system are able to focus on delivering patient care, instead of having to deal with any technical issues that may arise.

HRS technical support is unique. Everything we do is centered around these 5 pillars: 

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1. True 24/7 Technical support

  • Be it 6am or 11pm at night, HRS is committed to providing speedy, high quality support for our clients at all hours. We are always available by telephone and email, and can also be reached through our various products such as the ClinicianConnect portal, PatientConnect Complete or Core Tablets, and the PatientConnect Mobile application.
  • The same support members that work regular business hours rotate to cover the off-hour and weekend shifts, ensuring that the quality of support delivered is always consistent.

2. We have comprehensive knowledge of the HRS system

  • Our technical support members undergo a rigorous one-month training period before going live on calls and emails to ensure that they have an intimate understanding of our system and various products. Every technical support team member goes through many role play scenarios to guarantee they are able to resolve any issue our clients and their patients may experience. Examples include:
    • Pairing bluetooth devices
    • Helping patients with the first video visit
    • Loading educational materials onto the tablet
    • Adding new users to ClinicianConnect

3. We put patients first

  • Upon receiving a support ticket regarding a patient’s software, our team first investigates the root cause of the issue and performs all remote troubleshooting steps applicable.
  • If a request cannot be solved remotely, we work directly with patients and caregivers over the phone. Our 24/7 availability allows us the flexibility to work with busy patient, caregiver, and nursing schedules, to find the most convenient times for us to give them a call.  
  • We understand that new technology can make people feel nervous—especially when it does not work the way it should. Our team consciously prioritizes empathy on every call, and works to cultivate a positive relationship with each client and patient. We are also skilled in troubleshooting with older patients and those who may not be as comfortable with technology. Our team acts as a resource for any technical questions clinicians, patients, and caregivers may have regarding our products.

4. Timely follow up is our priority

  • During regular business hours, our team is committed to responding to any new email in under 30 minutes and always calling back any missed calls or voicemails as soon as possible, at all hours. 

5. We act as a bridge within HRS

  • The Tech Support team works closely with the Client Success, Implementation, Product Support, and Logistics teams to ensure comprehensive resolutions to our tickets. Our role also puts us in the unique position to receive the first reports of any new product inconsistencies or client issues. In these cases, we work to efficiently alert the necessary teams to resolve these matters as soon as possible.

HRS’s 24/7 Tech Support team prides itself on providing comprehensive, high quality assistance to our clients, free of charge. We enjoy hearing from our users and look forward to aiding our users in any way we can. No request is ever too big or too small! Ultimately, our team understands that the work we do contributes to the tireless efforts of healthcare teams across the country, and we are proud to support them in improving patient lives.

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