Health Recovery Solutions, the KLAS leading national provider of remote patient monitoring, announced today that multiple Bluetooth enabled devices now connect directly with PatientConnect Mobile, their mobile application. PatientConnect Mobile, available on both iOS and Android, enables patients to monitor their vitals and biometrics in real-time, and communicate with their providers via virtual visits and secure messaging, all from the convenience of their personal device. 

"COVID-19 has forced us to innovate quickly, and innovate in a way that will allow all of our partners to scale their telehealth efforts for years to come," said Jarrett Bauer, CEO at HRS. "The addition of Bluetooth capability to PatientConnect Mobile will ensure all providers are able to deploy a comprehensive mobile solution to all patients across a diverse range of conditions." 

Earlier this year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HRS released its COVID-19 Care Plan which consists of a screening tool, symptom surveys, custom education, and accompanying clinical best practices on symptom survey cadence and video visits. Since the release of the care plan, virtual visits on the HRS platform have increased by 50 times previous rates, and there's been over 500,000 COVID-19 specific symptom survey questions answered by patients on the HRS telehealth platform. Since March of this year, PatientConnect Mobile usage has increased 300%+ across HRS' health system, home health, hospice, and palliative care customers. 

The spread of COVID-19 and HRS response, this map shows a subset of HRS client in areas where COVID-19 is prevalentMany HRS clients are in counties where COVID-19 is especially dense, and are using telehealth in response to the pandemic. This image, from our data science team, shows a subset of HRS clients (blue dots) on The New York Times COVID-19 case map (July 26, 2020 data).

The adoption of PatientConnect Mobile is seen well beyond the management of the public health emergency. Providers across the continuum have adopted the HRS platform as a transitional care model beyond HRS' PatientConnect Complete, the company's tablet and advanced peripheral platform. Physician groups and hospitals have adopted the mobile program to manage low-risk patients and stay connected to patients looking for more continuous connection to their provider.

"This is just the start. HRS is one of the only Remote Patient Monitoring companies to incorporate a full suite of Bluetooth technology into its mobile application for remote vital and biometric monitoring," added Bauer. "We're going to continue integrating additional devices over the coming months to ensure we are meeting the needs of all service lines and providers." 

Through PatientConnect Mobile and the paired peripherals, clinicians will receive the same vital patient information, but with less patient training needed and fewer enrollment requirements. Any patient with a smartphone or patient whose caregiver or family member has a smartphone is a candidate for PatientConnect Mobile, making it incredibly simple to adopt.

"The data clearly shows that when a patient is able to take their vitals at home, and those readings are transmitted to their providers in real time, adverse events are less likely to occur," said Patrick O'Keefe, a member of HRS Board of Directors. "Now, this capability has expanded beyond the RPM tablet and into the patient's pocket - to their individual device. This is where healthcare needs to be in 2020 and beyond."

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