Why Telehealth Makes Sense for Payers

HRS' Payer Series

Thursday, March 4 | 1pm EST


As the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, payers must adapt and innovate to meet members’ needs. Remote member monitoring (RMM) and telehealth give providers real-time, actionable data they need to deliver proactive, preventative care. HRS’ Vice President of Strategy, Value-Based Care, Sudeep Pisipaty, discussed how payers and providers can collaborate to integrate RMM into their workflows, ensuring preventative, proactive, care management.

RMM and telehealth tools target the full spectrum of acuity—from low-risk to rising-risk to high-risk members. They enable both providers and payers alike to stop members from becoming patients while managing the total cost of care.

Learn about how RMM and telehealth can help a payer: 

  • Improve HEDIS measures, star ratings, and member retention
  • Optimize care coordination and achieving smarter utilization and case management
  • Enhance efficiency in care delivery and increase access to care
  • Reduce costs and emergency department utilization

Event Presenters

Sudeep Pisipaty

Sudeep Pisipaty

VP Value-Based Care

Health Recovery Solutions