Increase Medication Adherence & Ease Clinician Workload


Meet the new EMR integrated medication interface that will allow care teams to monitor medication adherence and push reminders and instructions, directly from their EMR into the patient’s remote monitoring technology

Patients are impacted by medication errors and non-adherence annually

Additional costs to the US healthcare industry due to medication errors

Of hospitalizations each year can be attributed to medication non-adherence

How Does the Medication Interface Support Clinicians?

Hear from Joe Sedlak, RN, HRS’ Senior Vice President of Client Success to learn how HRS’ medication interface reduces clinician workload and how HRS is prioritizing client feedback in product innovation.
"The most important aspect of medication adherence is making sure that we’re tracking appropriately through the care continuum any new medications so that the patient knows the medications they should be taking. HRS’ Medication Interface is a mechanism for tracking this as a care team."
Joe Sedlack, RN
SVP of Client Success

Decrease Medication Errors

Through real-time alerts sent directly from a patient’s EMR profile, Clinician can immediately review new medications and reconcile errors


Increase Patient Adherence

Provide custom medication reminders and condition-specific education to teach patients about their condition and care plan—including their medication regimen

How does the Medication Interface work?

Telehealth medication reminder on mobile phone

Within HRS’ ClinicianConnect platform, clinicians can assign new medications, set daily medication reminders, and track patients’ medication adherence—something about the EMR integration.

Dr prescribing medication

During a follow-up appointment, Jane’s physician made several changes to her medication regimen. Jane’s physician triggers the medication order through Jane’s profile within the organization’s EMR.


Jane’s telehealth nurse receives an alert in ClinicianConnect, indicating there are medications to be reviewed.


Within ClinicianConnect, Jane’s telehealth nurse easily navigates to Jane’s profile and reviews all new medications sent from the EMR and adds them to Jane’s care plan.


When adding to Jane’s care plan, the telehealth nurse sets custom reminders for Jane’s new medication to help keep her on track.

A Guide to Virtual Visits in Telehealth

During a scheduled virtual visit later that week, Jane’s telehealth nurse takes the opportunity to review the new medications with her and answer her questions.