PatientConnect Mobile Release Notes

March 3, 2022

New Feature: Additional Welch Allyn and TaiDoc Peripheral Devices

  • To better serve our patients and clinicians, we’re adding a new blood pressure monitor, scale, and thermometer to our inventory of available peripheral devices:
    • Welch Allyn Home® Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Welch Allyn Home® Scale
    • TaiDoc TD-1107 Ear Thermometer

Improvement: “Reset Metrics” Button Added to Four Modules

  • Looking for an updated reading? Patients will soon be able to submit additional metrics for the Activity, Medication, Survey, and Weight modules as clinicians gain the ability to reset a patient’s metrics through ClinicianConnect.

Improvement: Adding a Patient Consent Form Reset Button

  • Clinicians gain the ability to reset a patient’s consent form through the patient’s profile, allowing the patient to review and complete the consent form more than once during their care journey.

Improvement: Available Bluetooth Devices List to Only Show HRS-Supported Peripherals

  • With the goal of simplifying the pairing process and avoiding confusion for patients, PatientConnect Mobile users will only see HRS-supported peripherals on the Device List page going forward.

Improvement: The “Wound Imaging” Module Will Become the “Imaging” Module

  • To better reflect the module’s true capabilities for clinicians, patients, and caregivers, the “Wound Imaging” module will appear as the “Imaging” module:
    • On the PatientConnect Mobile Home Screen
    • As the title text once a patient opens the Imaging module from PatientConnect Mobile’s Home Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Resolution of issues impacting the patient’s overall experience using PatientConnect Mobile