PatientConnect Mobile Release Notes

PatientConnect Mobile: Version Compatibility

For PatientConnect Mobile the following are our minimum software versions:

iOS: PCM (PC 3.0.0+)  

  • Target iOS 14 (2020 Release, but compatible with devices back to 2015)
    • Will also support higher versions recently released (iOS 15 and 16, though these have not been tested by QA)
  • Devices compatible with iOS 14

Android: PCM (PC 3.0.0+)  

  • Minimum SDK is 26 - Android Version 8 (Oreo)
  • Maximum SDK is 33 - Android 13 (latest tested by QA)
  • PCMT
    • Our tablets that have been approved for release include include S5E (Android 9, 10, 11), A7 LITE (Android 11)
    • Android 13
      • A7 LITE has received the Android 13 update, but it needs a full regression test

February 13, 2023

Improvement: Consent Form Submission

We’ve made an improvement that will help you have a better experience using PatientConnect by resolving an issue some users experienced while submitting a consent form. 

Please note, you may see a Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up message following this update. If you receive a Bluetooth Pairing Request, please tap on Pair. 

Pictured: an example of a Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up message. 

January 5, 2023

Improvement: Android Device Users Will Hear Audible Notification of Incoming Calls and Messages

  • When a patient receives a video or voice call from their care team or caregiver, the patient will hear an audible notification of the incoming call or message.  
    • For voice or video calls, the patient will hear a “ringing” notification.  
    • For a text message, the patient will hear a “beeping” tone. 
  • To hear the notification, a patient must have their device’s volume turned on.

Improvement: PDF Documents Will Open Right in PatientConnect Mobile

  • When a patient taps on an assigned PDF document, PatientConnect Mobile will automatically open their PDF right within the app. Patients will still be able to scroll up and down, zoom in, and zoom out just like before. 

Improvement: Caregivers Organized Alphabetically by First Name

  • No matter the order that two or more caregivers are added for a patient, the caregivers will now appear in alphabetical order by first name.

Bug Fixes

  • On-screen text becomes a bit easier to read with some minor UI polishing. 

March 3, 2022

New Feature: Additional Welch Allyn and TaiDoc Peripheral Devices

  • To better serve our patients and clinicians, we’re adding a new blood pressure monitor, scale, and thermometer to our inventory of available peripheral devices:
    • Welch Allyn Home® Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Welch Allyn Home® Scale
    • TaiDoc TD-1107 Ear Thermometer

Improvement: “Reset Metrics” Button Added to Four Modules

  • Looking for an updated reading? Patients will soon be able to submit additional metrics for the Activity, Medication, Survey, and Weight modules as clinicians gain the ability to reset a patient’s metrics through ClinicianConnect.

Improvement: Adding a Patient Consent Form Reset Button

  • Clinicians gain the ability to reset a patient’s consent form through the patient’s profile, allowing the patient to review and complete the consent form more than once during their care journey.

Improvement: Available Bluetooth Devices List to Only Show HRS-Supported Peripherals

  • With the goal of simplifying the pairing process and avoiding confusion for patients, PatientConnect Mobile users will only see HRS-supported peripherals on the Device List page going forward.

Improvement: The “Wound Imaging” Module Will Become the “Imaging” Module

  • To better reflect the module’s true capabilities for clinicians, patients, and caregivers, the “Wound Imaging” module will appear as the “Imaging” module:
    • On the PatientConnect Mobile Home Screen
    • As the title text once a patient opens the Imaging module from PatientConnect Mobile’s Home Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Resolution of issues impacting the patient’s overall experience using PatientConnect Mobile