ClinicianConnect Release Notes

June 30, 2021

ClinicianConnect® Web Portal Version 1.90 enhances your telehealth experience through the addition of multiple new features and the improvement of functionality across key areas. 

Feature introductions include advancements to the Medication Interface and the ability for users to assign Multiple Clinician Subgroups. Clinician users also see an improvement in patient profile survey operability, an adjustment of a Historical Data key term used going forward, and various bug fixes.


New Features: ClinicianConnect® Medication Interface

The ClinicianConnect® Medication Interface offers users even greater navigational capabilities in Version 1.90. These new features improve upon user experiences and how you can utilize features to create the best clinician and patient experiences possible. 

New features to the Medication Interface include:

  • The Medication Reminders Table now offers sort, search, and paginate functions. These help users find, edit, and add medication reminders to a patient’s Care Plan.
  • You can also view a list of a patient’s used and unused medication time slots as part of the Medication Reminders Table. Users automatically see six chronological Reminder Time Slots for each patient. The time of day displays for slots in-use (e.g. 8:00 AM) and “Unused” displays for available time slots.1.1-Sort-Search-Page-Med-Rem-Tbl


  • The addition of three button-based filters provides improved medication list navigation. You can now select from three categories when reviewing a patient’s medication history: Show All, Active Only and Expired Only.
    • Show All displays all active and expired medication assigned to a patient
    • Active Only displays only those medications currently assigned to a patient
    • Expired Only displays only those the medications previously assigned, but no longer active, for a patient 1.2-Act.Exp.All-Sort-Buttons


  • In order for users to more efficiently manage patient medication reminders, the ability to bulk update all medications assigned to a time slot is now available. You will receive a message prompt stating the time slot “Change will affect [#] medications in the table below.
    • It is important to note that only a patient’s active medications can fill these six time slots. Times previously assigned to currently-expired medications are ignored. 1.3-Bulk-Change-Med-Timing


New Features: Multiple Clinician Subgroups

ClinicianConnect® now offers you the ability to assign users to multiple clinician subgroups. This impacts the appearance of specific pages and windows, and how you interact with them, including Profile Settings, Add Patient, Assign Clinician, Add a Clinician, and Edit Clinician. An explanation of each follows:

  • Profile Settings: A clinician user’s Profile Settings page now displays all subgroups the clinician is assigned to.2.1-Prof-Settings-Subgroups
  • Add Patient: If a clinician user appears in multiple subgroups, and creates a new patient profile through the Add Patient window, the user can assign the new patient to a desired subgroup that the clinician user is also assigned to. 2.2-Add-Pat-Subgroup


  • Assign Clinician: If you reassign a patient to a clinician with multiple subgroups, you can now select from that clinician’s subgroups and assign the patient to the proper subgroup via the Assign Clinician window. Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 11.51.58 AM


  • Add a Clinician: Moderators can add clinicians and assign subgroups for the clinician through a dropdown list within the Add a Clinician window. 2.4-Add-Clinician


  • Edit Clinician: Moderators are able to add or modify clinicians’ assigned subgroups through the Edit Clinician window. 2.5-Edit-Clinician


Improvement: Removing Risk Level From Patient Profile Survey Questions

  • ClinicianConnect® users now have the ability to remove high or medium risk levels for individual survey questions on a patient profile. Previously, switching the risk level to null or blank would not save the empty value upon refreshing the page.


Improvement: Terminology

  • You’ll notice a terminology update to a Historical Data View key term in order to better reflect the status of a patient’s profile. You will now see “Pending Deactivation” in place of “Discharged” when a patient’s profile is placed into a Pending Deactivation status.


Bug Fixes

Your ClinicianConnect® experience improves through issues fixed within ClinicianConnect Version 1.90:

  • Took care of some bugs in PatientConnect Voice and ClinicianConnect
  • Minor ClinicianConnect UI/functionality improvements
  • Minor EMR functionality improvements