Health Recovery Solutions Deploys Fully Integrated Medication Interface to Increase Medication Adherence and Ease Clinician Workload

April 28, 2022

HRS’ Medication Interface Supports Healthcare Providers through Advanced EMR Integration

HOBOKEN, N.J., April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), the three-time KLAS Leader in remote patient monitoring, announced the deployment of an integrated medication interface. Through advanced integration capabilities between HRS and client EMRs, the Medication Interface allows care teams to monitor medication adherence and push reminders and instructions, directly from their EMR into the patient's remote monitoring technology. The advancement will increase patient adherence, while easing clinician workload by reducing double documentation across multiple platforms.

Each year in the United States, 1.5 million patients are impacted by medication errors and non-adherence, resulting in an added $3.5 billion in costs to the US healthcare system. Health Recovery Solutions has monitored over 350,000 patients, and over 70% of those patients have at least one chronic disease and are taking two or more medications. HRS' Medication Interface supports healthcare providers in reducing medication errors by creating a seamless integration between the healthcare provider's EMR and ClinicanConnect, HRS' integrated clinical portal.

Through the adoption of the Medication Interface, HRS will integrate the client's embedded EMR medication module and allow any clients telehealth providers to receive a notification within HRS' clinical portal when a new medication is prescribed to a telehealth patient; allowing them to quickly review the medication, modify the patient's medication regimen, and create custom reminders to help the patient adjust to their updated medication regimen.

In addition to custom medication reminders, HRS' telehealth and RPM technology allows clinicians to provide custom education and instructions to patients about their conditions, symptoms, and their care plan—including their medication regimen. With over 90 disease-specific care plans and over 15 peripheral devices to capture biometrics and vitals remotely, HRS' KLAS leading technology can be used to manage nearly any patient and disease state in the home.

"As a main driver of hospital readmissions, increasing medication compliance has always been a priority for our team and a focus of our product development," said Kimberly O'Loughlin, HRS Chief Executive Officer. "Over 130 million Americans take prescription medications daily, and the vast majority take numerous medications several times per day. If we can make one aspect of a patient's recovery or care plan easier—we're accomplishing what we set out to do"

About Health Recovery Solutions (HRS)

Health Recovery Solutions' (HRS) telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions empower the nation's leading providers and payers to deliver care to patients across the continuum—reducing readmissions, optimizing clinician workflow, and improving patient satisfaction. HRS' disease-specific telehealth solutions are customized with educational videos, care plans, and medication reminders while also integrated with Bluetooth peripherals to engage patients in their self-management. HRS' mission is to create a new standard of care by providing advanced telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions that facilitate behavior change and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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