Patient Success Story

Telehealth Gives Leon A Second Chance

With telehealth in my home, utilizing the education videos, it taught me the importance of monitoring my weight and blood pressure on a daily basis helping to keep my chronic condition controlled. I like the security of knowing that the telehealth nurse is always there to talk with via phone or video call for any questions or concerns.

- Leon


Patient Age:
68 Years Old

Type of Care:
Home Health

Reason for Care:
Chronic Systolic Congestive Heart Failure

Meet Leon

At the age of 68, Leon Frank was diagnosed with Chronic Systolic Congestive Heart Failure, a severe heart condition. With an ejection rate of 25%, the left ventricle of Leon’s heart was unable to pump sufficient blood needed for circulation.

After his diagnosis, Leon faced numerous complications requiring multiple hospitalizations and rehab stays lasting several months.

To improve his condition, Leon underwent a Biventricular ICD implant. When the doctors felt that Leon’s condition had stabilized, he was able to return home with a PICC line insertion via CADD pump that enabled him to continuously receive IV medication.

Personalized Care Via Telehealth

The day Leon was discharged from the hospital, he was admitted to a local home health agency. Given the severity of Leon’s condition and his history of hospitalizations, Leon’s home health nurses opted to enroll him in the telehealth and remote patient monitoring program offered by the agency.

After learning from Leon’s physician that he would be enrolled in the program, Leon’s daughter was concerned her father would have difficulty using the devices by himself and would struggle to communicate with his nurses via technology.

Leon’s daughter reached out to his nursing team to express her concern for her father’s health. His nurses reassured her, explaining that the telehealth platform allows them to continuously monitor Leon’s health for any irregularities and immediately assist him if his condition worsens. As well, Leon’s nurses invited his daughter to attend the installation visit with Leon so she could review the telehealth platform and devices and understand how they’d help Leon.

Through the telehealth and RPM program, Leon was provided with a tablet and Bluetooth monitoring devices including a blood pressure machine and cuff, pulse oximeter and scale. With the telehealth unit, Leon could record his vital signs for review by his nurse, answer daily symptom surveys, access educational videos, and communicate with his nurse via text messaging, phone or video calling.

Building Independence & Improving Quality of Life

When first enrolled in the telehealth and RPM program, Leon was hesitant to use the technology, but with the support of his family and the assistance of daily virtual visits with his nursing team, Leon became more confident and more engaged in his care.

Daily virtual visits allow Leon’s nursing team to perform a visual assessment, address any concerns he may have, and assess his PICC line for any complications.

Leon will continue to receive the additional layer of support in his care that telehealth and RPM provide until his PICC line is removed. Thanks to telehealth, Leon now experiences a much happier day-to-day in the comfort of his home, with his wife and family.

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