Patient Success Story

Alice Recovers at Home with the Help of Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

Nurses Teaches Telehealth to Patient

Type of Care:
Home Health

Reason for Care:
Congestive Heart Failure

Meet Alice

Alice was diagnosed several years ago with congestive heart failure (CHF). Since her diagnosis, Alice has struggled to adjust to her new condition, symptoms, and medication regimen.

To help support Alice following a brief hospitalization for her CHF, Alice was enrolled in Tennessee Quality Care’s Telehealth and Remote Monitoring program.

Through the program, Alice is given a tablet and Bluetooth monitoring devices, including a scale, blood pressure monitor, and pulse oximeter to take her vital signs each day. Alice also has access to educational videos to teach her about her condition and symptom surveys to record any symptoms she experiences.

Monitoring Alice’s Recovery

Every day, the nursing team at Tennessee Quality Care reviews the vital signs and symptom surveys submitted by Alice to check in on her progress.

One morning, Alice’s telehealth nurse noticed that she gained three pounds in 24 hours and her oxygen saturation decreased.

Alice’s nurse immediately scheduled a skilled nursing visit to make sure Alice was evaluated and her symptoms were addressed.

While evaluating Alice, her nurse identified abnormal lung sounds and coordinated with the telehealth nurse and Alice’s physician to update her medication regimen.

After several days on her new medication, Alice’s weight returned to normal and her breathing sounds cleared.

Learning from Telehealth

Using telehealth, Alice’s nursing team at Tennessee Quality Care was able to treat Alice in her home and prevent an emotional and costly trip to the emergency room.


*Patient name changed to protect patient privacy

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