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HRS Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Insights

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HRS Telehealth Insights

Telehealth encompasses a broad range of technologies and services—included under the umbrella of telehealth is telemedicine,...

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Tags: Best Practices, Patient Engagement, virtual visits,

I have been a nurse for over 45 years and have witnessed the myriad challenges facing our front line nurses. The relentless...

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Tags: COVID-19, Industry trends, Clinical workflow

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a health care delivery method that benefits patients, providers, caregivers, and the...

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Tags: Patient Engagement, patient satisfaction, cost savings,

Patient engagement is the backbone to a successful telehealth program. Time and time again studies have shown that patients...

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Tags: Patient Engagement, patient satisfaction, Clinical workflow

Perhaps one of HRS’ closest-knit teams, the Product Support team works every day (even weekends!) to provide top-tier support...

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Tags: Product & Services, Clinical workflow

When COVID-19 hit, providers across the country turned to telehealth as a way to replace office visits and monitor patients at...

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Tags: COVID-19, Payer, physician group,

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Telehealth Impact Study Work Group recently released the results of the “Telehealth Impact...

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Tags: Patient Engagement, COVID-19, Payer,

HRS' Clinical Services team, composed of a team of nurses, provides clinical guidance and support to HRS clients. Their goal...

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Tags: clinician education, New Program, Clinical workflow,

Adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) has soared in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As cases...

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Tags: patient satisfaction, COVID-19, Outcomes,

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