Essex County Health Department Partners with Innovative Telehealth Company, Health Recovery Solutions, to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions


Essex County Health Department Home Health Unit which cares for a diverse patient population in the Essex County region adopted innovative telehealth technology provided by software company, Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), in September 2017.


Essex County Health Department serves a variety of patients from infants to the elderly.  Essex County Health Department chose HRS because of the capabilities of the software to provide unique remote monitoring technology for patients. The HRS software is loaded on 4G tablets connected to Bluetooth biometric devices such as a weight scale, a Pulse Oximeter, a blood pressure machine, a stethoscope, and more. The software allows patients to take and track their vitals daily while also answering symptom related survey questions specific to their disease condition. For clinicians, the software gives them the unique ability to monitor patient vitals, track their medication adherence, and determine if a patient is at risk for a hospital readmission or an Emergency Department visit.


Through the software, clinicians can communicate with patients through text, phone, and video communication all through the tablet while patients can do the same, reaching out to clinicians when they need support in their at home care. This is particularly important for patients in Essex County who reside in rural or geographically inaccessible areas and for patients who have difficulty traveling to medical appointments.


With multiple capabilities of the software—such as imaging technology which allows clinicians to conduct remote wound care, medication tracking, biometric monitoring, and more—patients needing a wide range of services such as weight management or glucose control will benefit from telehealth.

“Providing high quality health care to our county, and at times surrounding counties, is our top priority.  Telehealth has changed the lives of families across our county by putting them in touch with health care professionals where historically they would not have, thereby improving outcomes,” adds Dr. Michael Celotti, MD, Medical Director.


“We’re thrilled that Essex County Home Health Department is using our telehealth platform to care for a wide variety of patients. We look forward to helping them achieve better health outcomes and improve patient satisfaction,” adds Rohan Udeshi, COO of HRS.


About Essex County Home Health Unit


Essex County Health Department Home Health Unit is dedicated to providing unparalleled home care services to Essex County Residents.  Home Health care is a wide range of health care services that can be provided in your home for an illness or injury.  Our staff members are committed to quality, compassion, individualized care, and patient satisfaction.  We look forward to helping you get better, regain your independence and supporting you in becoming as self-sufficient as possible. 

The Home Health Unit has highly skilled Registered Nurses including the only Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse in Essex County who will ensure you have significantly better outcomes.  The licensed therapy staff includes Speech, Occupational and Physical therapists who are specialized in treating illnesses, injuries, hand therapy, and speech or language disorders.   Home health aides can offer support and assistance with bathing, meals and light housekeeping. 


Home Health is less expensive, more convenient than and as effective as care you get in a hospital or nursing home.   Telehealth can be reviewed by your MD, Family, Caregivers and the agency staff allowing a team of family and staff to be involved in your care and improve health outcomes.  Living in a rural area facing shortage of skilled professional staff, Telehealth enables nurses and therapists to reach more patients.  There is no cost to patients for telehealth consultations.  Serving more patients in a shorter amount of time allows Essex County Home Health to cost-effectively grow in patient census while improving quality of care and patient satisfaction. To learn more about Essex County Home Health Unit, visit or call (518) 873 –3506.