The People Behind HRS Products

Meet the HRS teams supporting long-lasting success of HRS partners

At HRS, our goals are to provide best-in-KLAS remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions to our partners, while also giving clients the expert insight they need to consistently and confidently design, launch, and scale successful RPM and telehealth programs.

Behind HRS’ award-winning products are support teams across Client Services, Logistics, Technical Support, and Marketing that give clients the strategic, clinical, operational, and technical support they are looking for. These teams support HRS partners to sustain existing telehealth and RPM programs, and to drive long-term, positive outcomes for the organization.

So, who are the people behind HRS products—and how do they help HRS partners achieve success?

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We focus on technology and innovation so that you and your team can focus on patient care.

Jarrett Bauer
Chairman and Co-Founder

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