Creating a High-Impact Telehealth and Remote Monitoring Program

Learn about effective strategies to manage utilization, close gaps in care, and improve quality outcomes, and how to scale RPM programs within provider networks


Sudeep P

Sudeep Pisipaty

Vice President of Strategy, Value-Based Care

Health Recovery Solutions

Jenna K (1)

Jenna Kowalski

Director of Clinical Services

Health Recovery Solutions

About the Session

Telehealth and remote monitoring programs have helped providers address primary goals of utilization, and to redefine clinical workflows, increase capacity, and serve diverse populations through digital enablement. The industry is transitioning away from a fee-for-volume world toward a fee-for-value world. The clinical and operational framework behind how organizations deploy high-impact programs is crucial to understand through the lens of a health insurance provider and beneficiary.

During this webinar, Pisipaty and Kowalski discuss how provider and payer organizations deploy telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM), and use the program to support patients within the post-acute services segment. They’ll focus on transitions of care, serving health insurance providers to better manage utilization (ED visits, readmissions), and reducing length of stay.

Other Key Learnings:

  • Understand how health care providers can leverage partnerships with telehealth vendors and health insurance providers to maximize network support
  • Learn effective strategies to efficiently manage utilization, care gaps, and length of stay to improve member outcomes
  • Discover how health insurance providers scale RPM programs efficiently by business line and within their networks

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