Just 12 months ago, in response to the rapidly escalating pandemic, Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) released the first of its COVID-19 Care Plans. Designed to engage patients and their caregivers in preventing exposure to the virus and identifying COVID signs and symptoms, the COVID-19 Care Plan was used by thousands of patients using the HRS platform.

Both the COVID-19 Care Plan and COVID-19 Recovery Care Plan, leveraged features available through telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) to keep clinicians safe, prevent community spread, and reduce the strain on hospital resources by enabling patients to recover at home. HRS’ RPM and telehealth platform allows patients to send biometric data, respond to symptom surveys, and engage in COVID-19 education and video content.  

While the COVID-19 Care Plan focused on identifying COVID-19 patients and triaging their symptoms for treatment, the COVID-19 Recovery Care Plan places an emphasis on long term recovery and addressing complications following a COVID-19 hospitalization. HRS recommended strategies, assessments and interventions provided in the COVID Care Plans support the multifaceted and evolving work of clinicians treating these complex patients.

Now, in an effort to support the vaccination of the HRS patient population, HRS has released the COVID-19 Vaccine Care Plan. One simple survey question determines if the patient has had or plans to get the COVID-19 Vaccine. If the patient responds that they have not received or do not plan to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, clinicians are informed of the response and provided with follow-up materials to educate the patient on the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. In addition, educational content reviews what to expect after receiving the vaccine, including potential vaccine side effects. 

Clinicians can also connect virtually with patients via text messaging, voice calling, or video conferencing to answer questions, address barriers to vaccination, and discuss potential misinformation or fears surrounding the vaccine.

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This last year has been devastating to so many but especially to our elderly. The declining trends of infections, hospitalizations and deaths are encouraging, but the real long term solution to keep this deadly virus at bay is the vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine was made available in record time, and the number of vaccines administered is growing daily. Our hope at HRS is to support our dedicated clinicians and our high-risk patients in the ongoing vaccination effort.

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