Are you considering launching a new remote patient monitoring program, or bringing on a new vendor? To ensure program success from the get-go, it's crucial that you ask comprehensive questions during the evaluation process.

There’s so many things to review. From the product itself, to support services, partnerships, and more, it can be difficult to evaluate new vendors effectively. There’s many important factors to consider. Your ultimate goal is determining whether the remote patient monitoring vendor offers the functionality and support you need to achieve your organization’s unique goals. 

We suggest starting by breaking your questions into key themes. This piece serves as a starting point for your organization in its search for a remote patient monitoring vendor

Product Functionality & Cost

  1. How does the virtual visit interface work? Are there other communication capabilities?
  2. What key features does the patient interact with daily? 
  3. Is the software user-friendly?
  4. Is the platform secure and HIPAA compliant?
  5. How does the clinician interface work?
  6. Is the platform cloud-based?
  7. How does connectivity work and does the software work in rural areas?


  1. What is the total cost of the software?
  2. Does my organization have to pay for additional equipment and/or services?


  1. Does the software integrate with my EMR?
  2. What do EMR integrations look like? What are the data points that are supported? 
  3. How are EMR integrations set-up between my EMR and the software?
  4. What integration structures are supported?

Support Services

  1. What do patients or clinicians do if they are having an issue with the product?
  2. Is there technical and product support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?
  3. How does installation of the telehealth equipment work?

Clinical and Reimbursement

  1. Do you offer support with clinical workflow creation?
  2. Do you provide support with securing RPM reimbursement
  3. Is the patient’s care plan customizable by the clinician?


  1. Can you share case studies showing the success of your clients?
  2. Do you offer resources to help us market our successes?
  3. Can you share utilization and patient engagement numbers?
  4. What is the average age of patients using the software?

Implementation and Account Management

  1. What does the implementation process look like?
  2. Is my organization provided with its Client Success Manager/Account Manager?
  3. Do I need to pay extra for training?
  4. Do you report on key metrics quarterly and yearly?

We hope these questions provide a helpful framework for evaluating a new remote patient monitoring vendor. It’s essential to be meticulous through the process—remember, this software will affect the daily lives of your patients and clinicians.

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