Perhaps one of HRS’ closest-knit teams, the Product Support team works every day (even weekends!) to provide top-tier support to HRS clients across the country.

To help shed some light on these hardworking team members, we (virtually) sat down with Nicole Cunha, the team lead, and Max Copeland, Product Support Engineer to discuss what really makes the Product Support team world class.

See the highlights of our conversation below!

What exactly does Top-Tier Support mean? What kind of tasks are you generally responsible for?

The Product Support (PS) team essentially acts as a bridge between the front-line Technical Support and the behind-the-scenes Product Management and Development teams. We receive escalations from Technical Support and Client Success, conduct high level investigations into the product’s behavior, and develop temporary workarounds for any issues while the Development team works on a long-term fix. We also act as the central communication point for clients and our internal teams regarding product investigations and general questions about product functionality.

The difference between Product Support and Technical Support:

Technical Support is responsible for helping clinicians and patients with the HRS product day-to-day, while the Product Support team works to resolve any issues that Technical Support is not able to resolve immediately. 

What does a day in the life look like for the Product Support team?

Overall, each day on Product Support looks pretty different. However, every morning starts off with a daily Stand-Up meeting to discuss the most important tasks for the day and check in with each member of the team. This is our favorite part of the day! These meetings keep us connected, despite working remotely, and helps build camaraderie while helping each other on individual tasks.

Fun fact: the members of our Product Support team are spread out across 4 different states!

Morning Stand up meetings are
the best part of our days.”

– Nicole Cunha, Product Support Team Lead

Throughout the day, the team follows up with clients and internal teams regarding product functionality and current investigations through emails, phone, and video calls. We also ensure that all communications are accurate, updated, and transparent. The Product Support team can often be found working closely with the Technical Support and Product Management teams to determine which tickets* need to be escalated and how.

*A ticket is any troubleshooting request that comes in via call or email from a clinician or patient.

What is one thing you would like HRS clients to know?

We truly believe in HRS’s mission and strive to put patients first! With every new investigation or project we take on, we really look at how the product functionality impacts patient experience and clinical workflows.

The Product Support team strongly values our partnership with HRS’s diverse clients. With every investigation, we’ve always found that our client’s feedback and observations into certain issues are just as important as our own findings. We truly respect the work our clients do and work hard to ensure they have the best possible experience with the HRS platform.

What is your favorite thing about being on the Product Support Team?

No two days are the same! Due to the variety of our daily tasks, we are constantly learning new things and thinking outside of the box while working on product improvements. Each day brings a new opportunity for individual members of the team to shine and further develop their own personal skills as we take on new projects. Given the uniqueness of our roles and flexibility of each team member, we are always excited to come together and tackle each day as a team.

“I like to think of our team as Swiss Army knife – where each member,
with their unique expertise, makes up a part of an effective tool.

– Max Copeland, Product Support Engineer

Overall, the members of the Product Support team are HRS product experts and are a valuable resource for both our clients and internal teams.

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