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Improve Patient Care

Cut Costs

Health Recovery Solutions(HRS) provides medical centers and home health agencies with a platform to reduce readmissions and take care of high risk patients post discharge. With focus on changing patient behavior and ensuring compliance, patients are provided with disease-specific tablets, customized with their medications, reminders, and educational content. The HRS tablets are also integrated with wireless devices, monitored by not only clinicians, but also family members.

Health Platform

Increase Patient Engagement

We utilize medical education, incentives, video chat, and digital tools to motivate behavioral changes in our patients to live a healthy life styles.

Reduce Readmissions

Our remote care platform is clinically proven to help reduce hospital readmissions by an average of 70%.

Care Anywhere

Remote vital monitoring notifies caregivers of impending medical complications before they happen.

Reduce Clinician Overhead

Caregivers are able to visualize, at a glance, the patients that are high risk for readmission, and those who are following their recovery plan.

HRS and our Clients in the News


Bauer watched his grandmother, who suffers from heart failure, ping-pong in and out of the hospital. His startup Health Recovery Solutions offers patients a customized computer tablet. In a 50-patient randomized controlled study at two hospitals, it seemed to reduce hospitalizations by a third. HRS has booked $1.1 million in sales and raised $1.8 million...

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HRS Saves First Health $1.9M with Reduction in Study of 200 High Risk Patients

NEW YORK, NY (FH Lifestyle) JANUARY 23, 2017 -- In a study of 220 high risk heart failure, COPD, and diabetes patients, from September 2015 through May 2016, FirstHealth of The Carolinas achieved a 53% reduction in hospital readmissions with their Complex Care Management Model (CCM) and HRS's telehealth and patient engagement software, saving $1.9 million for payers.

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PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Following its launch with Penn Medicine's Penn Care at Home, Health Recovery Solutions is proud to announce that...

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1 Year Report: Maine’s Leading Home Health Agency Reduces Readmissions by 75% with Cutting Edge Technology from HRS

SACO, Maine, Apr 26, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- HomeHealth Visiting Nurses of Southern Maine (HHVN) achieves a dramatic 75% reduction in overall 30-day hospital readmissions for chronic disease patients. Of the 474 patients placed on the HRS Patient Connect® Platform from April 2015 to April 2016, there was a 4.2% 30-day readmission rate. The state average in Maine is 16.6%...

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60% Decrease in CHF Readmissions: Cornerstone VNA & Health Recovery Solutions Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Cornerstone VNA, a 2015 HomeCare Elite agency, is based out of Rochester, NH, has partnered with Health Recovery Solutions, a software company started at Johns Hopkins University, to transform telehealth remote monitoring...

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How One Home Health Provider Cut Readmissions 75%

Getting patients to comply with care instructions, whether following a specific diet plan or taking medications at the right time, is one of the biggest challenges for the home health industry. It’s also one of the leading causes of hospital readmissions and an issue that innovative startup businesses are taking on...

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VNA Homecare and Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) Partner to Transform Traditional Approaches to Orthopedic and Post-Partum Care Management

VNA Homecare partners with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) to slash post-orthopedic surgery episodes of care from 60 days to 30 days and improve post-partum care outcomes by implementing an innovative remote monitoring platform.

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Homecare Homebase Announces Integration with Health Recovery Solutions

(Dallas, TX) – Today, Homecare Homebase announced their partnership with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), a patient engagement software company dedicated to population health management and the reduction of readmissions with its advanced telehealth platform that streamlines care coordination and saves times for clinicians.

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HRS and Catholic Health Partnership leads to 6% Readmission Rate

Buffalo, NY (PRWEB) December 19, 2016 McAuley Seton Home Care, a 4.5-star rated home care division of Catholic Health, partnered with Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), a software company focused on reducing readmissions and engaging high risk patients after they are discharged from the hospital. Since starting the partnership in November 2015, over 400 patients have been monitored with HRS’s advanced remote monitoring platform.

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“Since launching with HRS we’ve had our best performance in terms of CHF readmission numbers. For the last two months we’ve had zero thirty day readmissions and our overall readmission rate stands at 4.4%. There’s a secret sauce here, engaging patients in their own self care management, providing them with tools for better outcomes.”

Anne Norris — MD, CMO of Penn Care at Home

Engage High Risk Patients

A randomized clinical study was performed by Hackensack Hospital and Holy Name Medical Center to evaluate the effectiveness of using HRS’ solution to increase patient engagement and lower 30-day hospital readmissions. The results of the study indicated that there was a statistically significant drop in readmissions for the group of patients using HRS’ tablet compared with those who did not, 8% versus 28%, respectively.

Rehabilitation And Prevention


The HRS tablets are also integrated with wireless Stethoscope, PulseOximeters, BP Monitors, Thermometers, and Scales. With HRS, patients are monitored by not only clinicians, but also family members.


Each tablet comes preloaded with a wealth of educational videos specific to the patient’s disease. We have educational packages created for different ailments as well as custom educational packages.


Patient engagement and communication is the key to prevention and recovery. We provide a seamless communication platfor to keep patients engaged in their recovery plan.


HRS provides a platform for care. Our solution can notify family members first if a patient forgets to take their medicine or record their vitals.

Remote Care Is Always There

Trusted Solution

HRS is an industry leader in care solutions and is currently being used at 45 leading medical centers. Using Health Recovery Solutions patented tablet solution, nurses, doctors, and family members across the country are able to provide extensive, remote care from virtually anywhere – all while patients are in the comfort of their homes.



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