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In an era where healthcare faces unprecedented challenges, the commitment to putting patients first has never been more crucial.

The rapid expansion of remote patient monitoring (RPM) over the past four years stands as a testament to this dedication, yet the path forward is fraught with obstacles. Healthcare organizations grapple with the complexities of integrating new technologies and expanding their RPM initiatives amidst a landscape of financial constraints, staff shortages, and interoperability hurdles.

Recognizing these obstacles, Vision to Virtual 2024 unveils an engaging series of webinars centered on the paramount importance of patient-centric care. These insightful sessions explore how HRS telehealth and RPM efforts effectively address current obstacles in healthcare and set the stage for future breakthroughs. Highlighting personalized, attentive, and effective care, we uncover the revolutionary potential of collaborative partnerships between healthcare providers and technology vendors in transforming the healthcare landscape. 

Vision to Virtual 2024 Webinar Series

Vision to Virtual 2023: On-Demand Webinars

Closing the Equity Gap in Maternal Care: UCM's STAMPP Program for Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

In this webinar, you'll hear from Dr. Rana and her team at the University of Chicago Medicine on their efforts bridging the health equity gap in maternal care. Discover how remote patient monitoring (RPM) empowers patients and providers with real-time data and continuous support, leading to better health management and reduced disparities.

This webinar covers:

  • The latest health equity stats on disparities in HDP outcomes across demographics
  • How UChicago Medicine's STAMPP program is actively working towards eliminating disparities in maternal care
  • Tips on leveraging remote patient monitoring (RPM) to advance maternal health equity
  • Q&A Session with Dr. Rana 

Heart of Innovation: How RPM is Eliminating Readmissions in Cardiology

In this webinar, you'll hear the team at CommonSpirit Health and South Denver Cardiology about the lessons learned from a year of using remote patient monitoring (RPM) to improve patient outcomes, including achieving a 0% readmission rate over the past 3 months. Learn how RPM is transforming the field of cardiology.

This webinar covers: 

  • Uncover the latest advancements in RPM and their impact on cardiovascular health
  • Dive deep into a successful RPM program achieving zero readmissions for cardiology patients
  • Learn practical strategies for selecting patients for RPM, optimizing workflows, and maximizing success
  • Hear inspiring patient and clinician stories about the tangible benefits of RPM
  • Explore upcoming legislative challenges and opportunities shaping the future of remote monitoring
  • Q&A Session with Gerard. Monae. Susanne, and Jenna

Build Up & Out: Scaling Your RPM Program for Chronic Conditions and High Acuity

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a powerful tool for improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. But scaling an RPM program can be a challenge, especially for large health systems.

In this webinar, we will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of RPM for chronic conditions and high acuity patients
  • The challenges of scaling an RPM program
  • Best practices for scaling an RPM program
  • Case studies from health systems that have successfully scaled their RPM programs

Join us for a 45-minute session to learn more about how to scale your RPM program and improve patient outcomes.

Report the Results: Maximizing ROI on Your RPM Program and Getting Reimbursed

To fully realize the benefits of RPM, programs need to be well-structured and measured to identify opportunities for increased efficiency and reimbursement.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • How to maximize the ROI on your RPM program
  • The current reimbursement landscape for RPM
  • How HRS helps clients get reimbursed for their RPM programs
  • Case studies from health systems that have successfully received reimbursement for their RPM programs

Join us for a 45-minute session to learn more about how to maximize the ROI on your RPM program and get reimbursed.

Lessons in Digital Mastery to Gain Clinical Efficiency and Expand Care at Home

In our complimentary webinar, uncover digital strategies that enhance home care and foster scalable programs. Dr. Zsolt Kulcsar and Lindsay Quinlan will lead you through groundbreaking solutions and methodologies that streamline operations and facilitate the growth of your home care services.

This webinar covers:

  • Identifying Key Conditions and Staffing Needs for Effective Home Care
  • Elevating Care with Digital and AI Innovations
  • Strategies for Implementing Digital Enhancements
  • Scaling Up Post-Digital Transformation
  • Q&A Session with Dr. Kulcsar and Lindsay 

Featured Speakers


Kali Durgampudi

Kali Durgampudi primarily serves as Chief Technology Officer at Zelis, and also as an advisor for several technology companies and is on the board of CHIME India. With over 20 years of health information technology experience, Kali has successfully led cross-functional teams across the globe, and delivered large-scale projects, while managing the budget realities of today’s market. A recognized thought leader on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Innovation, and Operational Excellence, Kali has spoken at events such as HIMSS Mobile Conference, Boston Investor Conference, Security Think-Tank, and a congressional panel on AI in Healthcare.

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Julia Crist

VP of Home and Community Services

Allina Health


Rhonda Wiering

VP of Growth and Innovation


rachel-kuhnly-v2v-22-1-01 (1)

Rachel Kuhnly

Manager of Population Health Operations

Allina Health


Patty Upham

VP of Clinical Services

Health Recovery Solutions


Madison Cooley

Strategy Manager

Novant Health


Dr. Rachel Rivard-Horejsi


Allina Health

V2V Speaker Jenna

Jenna Kowalski

VP of Clinical Innovation

Health Recovery Solutions


Kristy Garay

Manager, Ambulatory Telehealth

BayCare Health System


Kelly Pollard

Manager, Tele-monitor & Specialty Nursing

BayCare Health System


Julia Murray

Director of Virtual Care



Charles Breznicky Jr.




Charika Wilcox-Lee

VP of Revenue Cycle Management

Health Recovery Solutions


Lauren Costello

Director of Strategic Accounts

Health Recovery Solutions


Keynote: The Rise of Telehealth and RPM

Vision to Virtual’s keynote session, hosted on November 3, 2021, presented the key drivers impacting the direction of healthcare and health technology heading into 2022: the COVID-19 pandemic, the growing role of consumerism, increasing health disparities, telehealth reimbursement expansion, and more.

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