Leveraging Digital Health Across Care Settings to Support Patients & Clinicians

In this episode of the American Hospital Association Associate Podcast Series, Kathleen Wessel is joined by Cheng-Kai Kao, Chief Clinical Informatics Innovation Officer for the University of Chicago Medicine, and Doug Lang, VP of Strategic Accounts for Health Recovery Solutions. Last year, University of Chicago Medicine launched new digital health programs across various care settings to improve clinician workload, improve patient outcomes, increase patient engagement and retention and decrease care costs. In particular, the speakers discuss a new approach to hospital-at-home telehealth and remote patient monitoring at the University of Chicago Medicine.



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Featured On This Episode

Wessel Kathleen

Kathleen J. Wessel

VP of Business Management and Operations

American Hospital Association


Cheng-Kai Kao, MD FACP SFHM

Chief Clinical Informatics Innovation Officer

The University of Chicago Medicine


Doug Lang

VP of Strategic Accounts

Health Recovery Solutions