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Core Fidelity Release

An Inside Look at the 2021 Product Roadmap

On Wednesday, February 3, 2021, HRS Chief Product Officer, Jess Vamvas, and VP of Client Strategy, Nolan Santosa, shared highlights from 2020 and the HRS product vision for the coming year. 

The webinar provided a behind-the-scenes look at where HRS is focusing our engineering  resources, how we're incorporating client feedback, and the key themes that drive our product innovations.

Product Roadmap Recording


HRS is committed to keeping client and patient past, present, and future data secure. This process is HIPAA-compliant and Patient Health Information (PHI) will remain secure throughout the duration of this process.

We are processing all data in an isolated environment and directly inserting data into its new encryption scheme.

The Core Fidelity Release opens key pathways for HRS as we continue to improve upon our Best in KLAS Remote patient monitoring platform. Clients may see increased optimization of page load time immediately; however, the true benefits to this release are long-term in nature.

This release is an investment into the health and stability of HRS’ system. It improves our infrastructure, which enables us to establish a larger and more optimized environment. It also removes a technological “ceiling” that would limit our system’s capabilities as we continue to grow and help more and more patients receive the best in-home healthcare possible.

Your Client Success Manager (CSM) remains your primary point of contact. If necessary, your Client Success Manager will put you in contact with a specific HRS team member (e.g. a Product Management Lead or the main engineer overseeing the migration, etc.) in order to provide an answer.

This initiative helps our data remain secure with the latest encryption protocols, as well as set the groundwork for future improvements for the product roadmap.

The only impact will be scheduled downtime during the release deployment, which will take place during a day and time that will impact the least amount of our users.

Additionally, our product and development teams are working closely together to establish, communicate, and execute a client-facing reporting system. Specific information on this system will be available in future Core Fidelity Release communications.

We anticipate the Core Fidelity Release will be deployed by the end of the calendar year. Our development and quality assurance teams are currently performing a series of rigorous tests. Once these tests are successfully completed and findings have been addressed the Core Fidelity Release will be deployed.

All system updates are internally-facing in nature. You will not experience Core Fidelity Release-related interruptions to, or changes within, your HRS products and services during this process.

Not at all. You will still be able to use all of the HRS products in the same way you always have.

Yes. The release will have scheduled downtime during hours which minimize interruption to standard usage. We will communicate scheduled downtime in advance.

Yes, and yes. Patient data is cached on their respective devices and synchronizes with the HRS application after the scheduled downtime is complete. No data will be lost during this process.


None, other than knowing HRS is committed to continuing to be the best RPM solution on the market.

We identified a potential circumstance where clients may see the release reflected in their workflows.

Following the Core Fidelity Release’s deployment, it is possible a client may see encrypted data (fields that read as random numbers and letters) in place of what was previously decrypted data (for example, a patient’s name).

The thoroughness of our QA process will minimize the frequency of this issue and we are dedicating the human and technical resources necessary to ensure this.

In alignment with the HRS-wide goal of providing the best client support possible, our product and development teams are working closely to establish, communicate, and execute a client-facing reporting system. Specific information on this system will be available in future release communications.

We will provide you with periodic updates on the progress of this release via email. As always, your Client Success Manager is a committed resource and available to answer any additional questions you may have.

We are sharing materials discussing the Core Fidelity Release on this webpage, including a webinar with Chief Product Officer, Jess Vamvas. The webinar highlights HRS’ commitment to stabilizing the core and provides an explanation on why we are completing this migration now.

This FAQ document may be updated throughout the pre-deployment process, and will continue to include answers to many of the release-related questions you may have now or during future stages of release deployment.

The Core Fidelity Release enables HRS to increase its ability to scale and improve performance and data integrity.

It means making strategic decisions and investments in HRS' infrastructure and systems, so HRS can continue to be a beacon of data integrity, increase its ability to scale, and provide visionary products.

Yes, this release will not affect your dedicated HRS resources.