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HRS Product Overview

Download this one-pager to learn more about how the HRS solution benefits healthcare organizations across the continuum.

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16 Care Settings and Use Cases for RPM and Telehealth

Telehealth and RPM supports patients throughout the patient journey by providing tools to improve engagement and outcomes. Explore the 16 care areas that can benefit most from HRS RPM and Telehealth.

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Best in KLAS Virtual Care with HRS and Caregility

Caregility and HRS provide a seamless, end-to-end virtual care platform that encompasses the entire healthcare journey—from prevention, to inpatient, to discharge into the patient’s home.

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HRS PatientConnect and Eko DUO

The HRS telehealth platform integrates with the Eko DUO, an ECG + digital stethoscope that captures heart and lung sounds and ECG, providing the fastest and most comprehensive view of patients' cardiopulmonary function.

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EMR Integrations with Health Recovery Solutions

HRS electronic medical record (EMR) integrations are bidirectional, event-driven communications between the HRS ClinicianConnect® portal and the healthcare organization’s EMR interface.

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The People Behind HRS Products

Behind HRS’ award-winning products are support teams across HRS that give clients the strategic, clinical, operational, and technical support they are looking for. These teams support HRS partners to sustain existing telehealth and RPM programs, and to drive long-term, positive outcomes for the organization.

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