HRS Webinar Series: Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Reimbursement

On March 30th, Health Recovery Solutions was joined by Nixon Gwilt Law to present the new reimbursement opportunities presented by CMS' remote therapeutic monitoring CPT codes.


Kaitlyn O’Connor, Esq.

Kaitlyn O’Connor, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Nixon Gwilt Law

About the Session

Do you know the difference between RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) and RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring)?

Are you aware of the latest codes recently released by CMS to cover for RTM services?

Are you maximizing your revenue by billing the new RTM codes?

On March 30th, Health Recovery Solutions was joined by Nixon Gwilt Law to present the fundamentals of CMS’ RTM codes and how healthcare organizations are able to use these codes in practice to receive reimbursement for their RTM services.

During the webinar, speakers reviewed:

  • The difference between RTM and RPM
  • A detailed description of each of the 5 new codes
  • Services approved for RTM billing
  • Providers eligible to bill for these services
  • Necessary data to enable effective billing for RTM