A Step-by-Step Approach by 3HC to Enhance Your Telehealth & RPM Program

Tuesday, May 4 | 2pm EST


Have you ever thought about where to start when implementing a telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) program? What about enhancing or expanding an existing program? On Tuesday, May 4, Ann Hall, RN, COS-C, Virtual Care & TeleMed Manager at 3HC joined Emily Clover, Client Success Manager at Health Recovery Solutions to discuss how to effectively leverage telehealth and RPM as tools to extend patient care.

3HC covers a large rural area in North Carolina. She brought her experience for how to start and plan for a new telehealth program, operationalizing and expanding the program to equip their patients with a variety of telehealth and RPM options, and the implications for telehealth beyond the pandemic.

Key objectives:

  • Defining your eligibility criteria with telehealth and RPM program
  • Setting goals to optimize and expand telehealth & RPM to make it work for you
  • How to balance CMS reimbursement changes and new guidelines
  • Proceeding with telehealth and RPM in a post-pandemic world

Event Presenters

Emily Clover

Emily Clover

Client Success Manager

Health Recovery Solutions

Ann Hall

Ann Hall

Virtual Care and TeleMed Manager