Building a Sustainable Telehealth Program

April 6 - 8 | 11am - 12pm EST


Health Recovery Solutions' Client Success Manager, Mike Biuso, will hosted a webinar on April 7th at 11:00 am EST during Tennessee Association for Home Care's webinar series Maximize the Benefits of Telehealth Webinar Series. 

In this session, attendees will learned:

  • Set goals and objectives for their telehealth program using the SMART goals formula
  • Select a technology vendor that meets their:
      • Software needs
      • Interoperability needs
      • Support needs
  • Build an effective telehealth team:
      • Finding telehealth champions
      • Monitoring hours
      • Nurse to patient ratio
  • Establish clinical buy-in and educating clinicians
  • Deploy a telehealth & RPM program including management of internal and outsourced inventory
  • Determine patient populations, including:
      • Setting enrollment and discharge criteria
      • Stratifying patient cohorts
      • Determining whether a patient is telehealth eligible
      • Setting realistic expectations for telehealth patients
  • Assist agencies that have chosen to implement a telehealth program with planning and developing that program.

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Event Presenters

Michael Biuso

Michael Biuso

Client Success Manager

Health Recovery Solutions