Implementing an Inpatient Virtual Care Program

Hear how Beebe Healthcare’s inpatient virtual care program enabled it to streamline nursing processes, improve patient throughput, build long-term patient engagement and more.

About the Session

During the pandemic, hospitals across the country experienced severe nursing shortages, leading to high workloads and burnout among staff. Inpatient virtual care presents a significant opportunity for health care organizations to augment their team's workload in the face of workforce constraints.

Beebe Healthcare, a not-for-profit community health care system in southern Delaware, opted to implement an inpatient virtual care program at the end of 2021, with the goal of alleviating the burden on its staff.

In this webinar, we shared key learnings from:

  • The implementation experience
  • Preliminary findings from the first few months of the program
  • Tips to help you launch a similar program in your hospital