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Using HRS PatientDirect for Inventory Management to Achieve Cost Savings & Reduce Clinical Workload

Banner Health is one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the country, with six Home Health facilities serving over 1,000 patients across two states. Nurses provide support and remotely oversee the telehealth program for both rural and urban populations. Over three months, Banner utilized 185 telehealth units to deliver care to a variety of patient populations, including patients with CHF, Sepsis, and COPD.


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       Banner Health
     Organization Type:
       Home Health
       Arizona (4), Colorado (2)
       PatientConnect Complete
     Data Period:
       Oct. 2019 - Dec. 2019

“The staff on the telehealth team love how simple the process is. They report that the process is quick and easy, allowing them to focus on the patient. Additionally, the Logistics team is very responsive, helpful, and have been great to work with.”

Mandy Johnson Care Coordination, Post Acute Senior Manager

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Banner Health was experiencing the challenge of coordinating a telehealth program across multiple locations in Arizona and Colorado. Added complexity included staff working remotely and having to travel hundreds of miles to pick up telehealth units from their patients’ homes. Developing consistent workflows and processes that were applicable to all patients was a financial, operational, and clinical challenge requiring time, space, and other valuable clinical resources.


Identifying these challenges, Banner turned to HRS’ PatientDirect, a comprehensive inventory management service that allows clinicians to spend less time cleaning, reprocessing, and transporting telehealth units so that they can focus on providing excellent care to patients. PatientDirect facilitates the shipment and return delivery of telehealth equipment directly to and from the patient’s home, including same-day reprocessing and quality control. Provided with live tracking information, the Banner telehealth team always knows where the package is, allowing them to establish a care plan for the patient prior to the telehealth unit arriving at the patient’s residence.


In order to more efficiently deliver telehealth equipment to their patients, Banner elected to implement HRS’ in-house logistics solution, PatientDirect, to manage and provide shipping services for 185 PatientConnect Complete units. Over a three month period, Banner found that clinical teams saw a reduction in labor, total cost, and time spent calling HRS tech support. PatientDirect allowed Banner to streamline inventory management, enabling their team to focus more time and resources on clinical monitoring and assisting with their patients’ care plans.




Total Cost Savings

(Time, Materials, Labor)



1,050 Hours

Labor Hours

Saved for Banner Staff




Fewer Calls to

Technical Support