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What Our Clients Are Saying

 KLAS interviewed HRS clients who shared their experiences with HRS products and services teams. Below, read client feedback about patient experience, outcomes, COVID-19 response, and more.

The solution's patient satisfaction scores are off the charts. The patients really like the platform...We have had very, very few issues. In fact, we had a hundred-and-three-year-old lady participate in the program and totally own it without any technical support. The solution has been received really well. The patient experience scores are some of the strongest we have seen in telehealth, and we have exceptionally strong telehealth scores overall. Health Recovery Solutions is the cream of the crop to us.

Director, On Patient Satisfaction

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We are very satisfied with the implementation services and the training. They were very hands on when we implemented the program. When it comes to support, the client success manager is always a click or a phone call away. That person is always right there to take care of any issues or concerns. We had a very smooth transition, and the product speaks for itself. The company is extraordinarily knowledgeable and techy, and it is wonderful working with them.

Nurse, On Implementation and Training

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Health Recovery Solutions has not only cutting-edge technology but also amazing customer service. Our issues are their primary focus. Even patients can call their technology center so they don't burden us with troubleshooting questions. That was critical when choosing a vendor. Our previous solution required a lot of manpower and troubleshooting. With HRS taking care of those problems themselves, we have more resources available for other things.

Director, On Support Services

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Our goal is to avoid rehospitalizations with the technology.  My customer service representative looks at our quality ratings so that we can have data to present on how our telehealth program reduces rehospitalizations, increases patient satisfaction, and positively impacts our quality scores. As far as integration goes, I can't give Health Recovery Solutions anything but high marks. I would definitely say we are getting our money's worth. Our patients are getting value out of the system as well.

CEO/President, On Outcomes

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Health Recovery Solutions is a very solid partner. I would call them a partner rather than a vendor. They are invested in their customers. Health Recovery Solutions understand that we are here to make a positive impact on not only healthcare but also patients. That is the reason we are all in this business.

CEO/President, On Loyalty and Partnership

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I felt very supported by Health Recovery Solutions during the COVID-19 crisis. Their clinical team quickly got on top of things and pushed products out to their customers. The solution was very easy for us to load for our patients. We screen patients every day for COVID-19 symptoms through PatientConnect. If we didn't have this solution, we would have to call patients on the phone. PatientConnect has been extremely helpful. Health Recovery Solutions has been very supportive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Director, On COVID-19 Response

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