Introducing the Virtual
Visit Model

In this webinar—presented by HRS' Vice President of Clinical Services and Interim HealthCare's Director of Clinical Systems and Technology—learn how virtual visits can be leveraged to reduce nursing burden and increase patient engagement.



James Yarborough

Director of Clinical Systems and Technology

Interim HealthCare

Patty Upham Photo

Patty Upham

VP of Clinical Services

Health Recovery Solutions

How Can Virtual Visits Reduce Nursing Workload?

The past two years have seen a significant increase in clinician burnout and retirements, leaving nurses feeling overburdened, frustrated, and exhausted. While many long-term initiatives have been presented, nurses and healthcare organizations are looking for programs and technologies that would provide immediate relief.  

HRS’ Clinical Services team developed the Virtual Visit Model to help home health, hospice, and palliative care agencies mitigate the significant challenges facing the industry in 2022 and beyond.

During the webinar, presenters reviewed how to:  

  • Define staff roles and responsibilities  
  • Outline patient eligibility criteria and identify eligible patients 
  • Develop clinical processes, policies, and workflows 
  • Educate staff and communicate virtually with patients  
  • Calculate ROI for implementing the Virtual Visit Model
Jarrett Headshot

Jarrett Bauer


Health Recovery Solutions

Jarrett Headshot

Jarrett Bauer


Health Recovery Solutions