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Lori Chenot

Director of Business Development

Lori Chenot

Why do you think it’s important for more women to join the tech industry?

Mentorship is so important! It is so empowering to find other women in the field that support you, provide awesome feedback and share experiences in an industry that is dominated by men.


What advice would you give yourself just starting out?

Work-life balance is KEY, especially if you are a working mother. You want to have a boss that doesn't make you choose between family and career. For me, it's all about thinking less about what a typical workday should look like and instead, think more about how to be productive and more effective with my time. I wish every working mother had a boss (like mine!) that steps back and allows me to organize myself around what I need and how we best work together. In return, I am beyond thankful, which makes me want to give it my all and exceed my company's expectations of me. Leaders should empower their female employees, trust them and be empathetic towards working mothers. Mom-guilt and burn out is real thing! Having that flexibility and working remotely is something I do not take for granted and am extremely grateful for.

What first sparked your interest in working in the tech industry?

Coincidentally one of my best friends is in the tech industry, specifically healthcare. She has always been a mentor to me. My mother has suffered from heart disease, diabetes and has had multiple strokes. The patient success stories are ENDLESS for individuals similar to my mother that use Remote Patient Monitoring technology. Health Recovery Solutions offers a "hospital at home" approach to hospital and home health organizations, saving patient lives across the US! It's incredible how this type of Telehealth allows high-risk patients to be monitored with real-time biometrics, virtual visits and medication reminders - all in the comfort of their own home! Along with my best friend's career guidance and personal family story, I decided to get into the healthcare tech industry because I believe that Telehealth is the future.

What is the best professional advice you've ever received? 

Before I switched careers into the healthcare tech industry, I was in banking. For many years, my boss was an incredible mentor to me in a million ways. She knew I was comfortable BUT wasn't fulfilled in my job role. She saw my career potential and said "Don't settle." Here is what I learned about those 2 words: When you look around you, you ask "How many people do you think are settling? People settle into 'okay' relationships, 'okay' jobs and an 'okay' life. Why? Because life is comfortable. Some people are fine with 'okay' but for me personally, it's not exciting or life changing to others. I took a leap of faith and am beyond grateful for her encouragement to think outside the box and push myself out of my comfort zone.

What is a quote you live by? 

For many years and will never EVER replace it with another quote: "Work Hard, Play Hard."

What is your favorite book, podcast or tv show and why? 

I do not watch hardly any TV but do religiously watch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Total guilty pleasure! It's honestly unreal and yet fascinating to me how extremely wealthy people spend their money and live! Oddly enough, the show makes me appreciate the life I have created for myself and my family, here in the Midwest. It's crazy how easy it is for a person to "love" money and put it above people, relationships, God and charity. The show is a constant reminder for me that we should live our lives with a vision and a purpose that is bigger than money, so that we use our money well.