Ianna Arthur

Ianna is an intern at HRS for the summer of 2018. Ianna is a rising junior at New York University. She is studying Business and is on a Pre-Med track.

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The Economics of Telehealth

Posted by Ianna Arthur on 1/23/19 6:00 AM

Telehealth has numerous benefits and clinical applications that can be seen in various medical centers around the country. The usage of telehealth is increasing at a rapid rate, but not just for its innovative approach to patient care. Telehealth technology presents a cost-effective and efficient way to increase patient engagement, maximize patient reach, and deliver a high caliber of care.

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Home-Based Aging Care Using Telehealth

Posted by Ianna Arthur on 12/10/18 5:00 AM

As the aging population increases globally, it is integral to find effective and affordable ways to increase older adults’ independence, improve their quality of life, and decrease the risk of life-threatening injuries. Telehealth technology has the ability to accomplish all of this and more, and presents an exciting way to empower and educate elderly patients about their health.  

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Topics: engaging patients, rehabilitaiton, telerehabilitation, aging

Stress Control for College Students with Telemedicine

Posted by Ianna Arthur on 10/30/18 5:00 AM

For many students, college can be a time of extreme stress. Lack of sleep, heavy workloads, financial issues, and post-graduation pressure can contribute to the highly prevalent mental health problems within the student population. Telemedicine has proved to be a way to increase stress management, access to mental illness treatment, and overall well-being.

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Topics: population health, stress

Healthcare Disparities and the World

Posted by Ianna Arthur on 8/21/18 9:48 AM

We live in a world that has wide healthcare disparities that negatively impact individuals in certain places around the globe. Shortages of doctors, healthcare supplies, medications, and healthcare facilities cause people in disadvantaged areas to suffer from preventable and/or treatable ailments. Humanitarian aid organizations work tirelessly to close the health disparity gap, and telemedicine provides a promising way to do it.

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Topics: unique telehealth programs, telehealth model, global telehealth

The Role of Telemedicine in Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Posted by Ianna Arthur on 6/13/18 5:00 AM

In contrast to other fields in healthcare, substance abuse disorder treatment  lacks a significant technology component. Telehealth technologies have yet to be implemented on a universal scale in addiction recovery programs. However, studies show that telehealth has the potential to transform and improve the way we rehabilitate substance abuse patients and can help to reduce the number of people impacted by the opioid crisis in the United States.

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Topics: disease management, telemedicine, behavioral health, mental health, unique telehealth programs, addiction treatment

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